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Automate your customer support with AI chatbot.
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Ping Parrot is an AI-powered chatbot which aids in automating customer support services on a user's website. The chatbot is capable of addressing numerous customer inquiries, reducing the need for human intervention to a significant extent.

With a straightforward setup process that does not require coding, users can integrate the chatbot seamlessly into their website. The chatbot training is based on the users knowledge-base, which it uses to provide credible responses to the customers.

It is designed to be available perpetually, thus ensuring a constant line of communication with customers regardless of the time of day. Ping Parrot also presents a language versatility, supporting conversation in more than 80 different languages.

This functionality increases its usefulness in responding to international customers. Furthermore, the tool incorporates a feature enabling human support to join the conversation if required.

This function allows for an escalation of help for customers if the chatbot is unable to sufficiently address their queries. The chatbots appearance can also be customized to match the user's brand aesthetics.

Ping Parrot allows users to train the chatbot using their website content and FAQ sections. Any changes made to the website content after chatbot training can be manually updated in the knowledge-base.

Additionally, the tool offers a free plan, available with a set limit for bot training and conversations per month, with optional upgrades for premium features.

With possibilities to train the chatbot in any language, Ping Parrot ensures convenience and versatility in answering customer inquiries.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support
No coding required
Perpetual availability
Supports 80+ languages
Option for human intervention
Customizable appearance
Trained with website content
Manual update for knowledge-base
Free plan available
Multi-website integration
Escalation to human agent
Animates customer interactions
Increases sales conversions
Provides advanced analytics
Responsive real-time human support
Reduces support workload
Improves customer satisfaction
FAQ-based training
Custom branding options
Website data trainable
Custom data trainable
Optional upgrades accessible
Allows direct URL Integration
Customizable welcome message
Saves past conversation details
Upcoming API access
Custom integration possibility
Supports multiple websites
Analytics for bot performance
Allows manual retraining
Automates sweeping FAQ responses
Training scales with data
Allows adding FAQ independently
Training duration is flexible
Updates knowledge base manually
Highly accessible for users
Can request human agent
Consistent speedy replies
Handles repetitive queries
Customizable color schemes
Avatar customization available
Secured data storage
Training in any language
Heightens brand coherence
Language versatility for customers
Visitor detail analytics access
Expands to enterprise needs


No API available yet
Manual update required after website changes
Limits in free plan
No auto-refresh for training
Data storage privacy concerns
No customization for in-conversation UI


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What metrics can Ping Parrot provide about its performance?
Can I use Ping Parrot on multiple websites?
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Is there an API available for Ping Parrot?
How secure is the data I provide to Ping Parrot?

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