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Markprompt is an AI infrastructure designed for customer support. Its primary role is to streamline communication between customers and support teams using AI.

It has a set of functionality that fits all touchpoints in an agent and customer's journey. Markprompt introduces features like automated responses to customer inquiries, chatbots with automations for processes such as reimbursements, and 1-click integrations with other platforms making it adaptable.

The tool also exhibits a ticket deflection ability, allowing automated responses to common customer questions thereby reducing ticket volume. It includes a feature called Triage that helps categorize, summarize, translate, and preprocess tickets to provide a full picture before action is taken.

Other advanced functionalities include AI draft composer, a feature that automates response composition adhering to a company's brand and tone, and a mechanism that pulls in expert knowledge from various sources, ensuring responses are knowledgeable and up-to-date.

Markprompt is engineered to operate with no-code tools and can be deployed on varying platforms including Sunshine Conversations, Slack, Discord, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Analyses on customer interactions can be performed to identify and address knowledge gaps. Markprompt also provides API for deeper integration into your product, providing a comprehensive customer support solution.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines communication
Automated responses
Chatbot process automation
1-click platform integration
Ticket deflection capability
Triage feature
Automates response composition
Knowledge extraction mechanism
Operates with no-code tools
Deploys on varied platforms
Customer interaction analysis
API for deep integration
Handles touchpoints in journey
Pulls expert knowledge
Reduced ticket volume
Supports Sunshine Conversations
Supports Slack, Discord, Zendesk, Salesforce
Categorizes, summarizes, translates tickets
Adapts company brand tone
Identifies, addresses knowledge gaps
Automated reimbursement processes
Knowledge always up-to-date
Enhanced customer support solution
SOC 2 Type II certified
GDPR compliant
Data encrypted at rest/transit
1-click workflow integrations
No-engineering resource requirements
No-code tools configurability
Deployable on multiple platforms
Insightful customer interactions data
Deep product integration API
Built with headless components
JavaScript libraries accessibility
REST APIs for development
Training content provision via API
Chat responses with citations
Project insights fetching
User-friendly support interaction
Optimized agent apps
Customer support performance improvement
Configurable chatbot design
Agent app experimentation environment
Scalability for support volume
Ticketing assistance for Zendesk, Salesforce


Requires third-party platform integration
Impersonal automated responses
Faulty categorization in Triage
Inaccurate response composition
Limited expert knowledge sources
Complex no-code tool operations
Potential knowledge gaps missed
Jargony API integration process
Limited customer support options
Potential privacy issues with tickets


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Can Markprompt operate with no-code tools?
On what platforms can Markprompt be deployed?
Can Markprompt identify and address knowledge gaps in customer interactions?
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Can Markprompt automate processes like reimbursements?
What companies are Markprompt compatible with?
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Does Markprompt provide any analyses or insights on customer interactions?
Can Markprompt pull expert knowledge from various sources?
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How secure is Markprompt in handling customer data?

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