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Supercharge Your Customer Service with AI Chatbots & Ticketing
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CyanArrow is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance customer service through the utilization of AI chatbots and a ticketing system. Aimed at elevating efficiency and reducing costs of customer support functions, CyanArrow operates round the clock offering quality support to its users.

Its features allow for instant responses to Frequently Asked Questions with high accuracy.By using CyanArrow, businesses can save significant time and resources dedicated to customer support tasks.

The tool is successful in minimizing the volume of support tickets by offering proactive solutions. It includes a user-friendly setup process where users can upload their data for AI training, customize the appearance of their chatbot and ticket forms, and simply embed the chatbot or ticket form script onto their website.In addition, it allows tracking of active conversations, captured leads, and raised tickets, providing a comprehensive oversight in dealing with customer queries and concerns.

It offers capabilities such as quick training on data, lead collection using custom forms, fine-tuning responses using conversation history, and quick and accurate response delivery.Moreover, CyanArrow includes a feature to customize the interface of the chatbot to fit the style of a user's website.

Overall, it aims to streamline customer support tasks, saving time, and reducing the workload of managing customer service.


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Pros and Cons


24/7 customer support
Instant FAQ responses
Reduces support tickets
User-friendly setup process
Customizable chatbot appearance
Customizable ticket forms
Easy chatbot or ticket form embed
Tracks active conversations
Tracks captured leads
Tracks raised tickets
Collects leads using custom forms
Fine-tunes responses using conversation history
Quick and accurate response delivery
Interface customization fits website style
Streamlines customer support tasks
Minimizes support workload
Cut down over 10 hours per week on support tasks
Data training from websites, documents
Custom lead forms
White label support
Multiple chatbots
Large characters training data
Unlimited lead forms
Multiple ticket forms
Multiple webhooks
API access


No multilingual support
Limited chatbot customizations
No mobile app
No offline capabilities
Pricing could be high
Limited number of chatbots
Data upload might be tedious
No clear data security assurance
No direct customer support offered


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Is CyanArrow effective in reducing the volume of support tickets?
How does CyanArrow provide 24/7 support?
Can the CyanArrow chatbot and ticket forms be embedded onto my website?
Does CyanArrow track active conversations and captured leads?
How accurate are the responses generated by CyanArrow?
Is CyanArrow's setup process user-friendly?
How does CyanArrow enable fine-tuning of responses using conversation history?
Can I customize the interface of CyanArrow's chatbot to match my website style?
Does CyanArrow offer a feature for lead collection using custom forms?
How does CyanArrow help in saving time and reducing workload?
What kind of data can I upload for AI training in CyanArrow?
Can I monitor raised tickets in CyanArrow?
How can CyanArrow help businesses manage workload effectively?
What proactive solutions does CyanArrow offer?
How does CyanArrow minimize the costs of customer support functions?

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