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ClipMove is an AI-powered platform specializing in content creation. The site offers a set of AI tools designed to help users create various types of content.

Among the key features is the AI Video Generator, allowing users to create videos from images and text using artificial intelligence. ClipMove also offers an AI assistant Chrome extension, chatMove, designed to boost productivity by providing AI-powered assistance.

The Instant Text to Image feature offers real-time generation of images from text. In addition, they provide an AI Image Editor for advanced image manipulation tasks like background removal, upscaling, uncropping, and expansion.

They have a CleanUp feature, designed to automatically remove objects, people, text, and defects from images. The Uncrop tool allows users to uncrop photos to any format.

The Video Upscaler provides high-quality video upscaling with the possibility to recover fine details and reduce noise. First-time users can generate AI videos for free and install the AI Chrome extension at no additional cost.

According to their terms, the content generated on ClipMove can be used for commercial purposes. The platform is designed to support multiple types of content creators, making it versatile and user-friendly.


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Jun 3, 2024
I uploaded a 1.3MB .ASF file video for upscaling on free mode, and: 1.- it made me wait for a lot of time. 2.- it reported an error processing the video. 3.- it happened twice. so I decided to leave and share my experience

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Pros and Cons


Instant text to image
Background Removal
Image Uncropping
CleanUp feature for images
Uncrop tool for images
Video Upscaler
Free for first-time users
Commercial usage allowed
Supports multiple content types
Advanced image manipulation
Instant generation of images
Upscales images and videos
Removes noise from videos
Recovers video details
Creates videos from images
Generates images from text
Expands cropped images
Removes objects from images
Removes defects from images
Converts image format
Trusted by thousands


Chrome-dependent features
Limited upscaling capabilities
No explicit API mentioned
No voice generation tool
Not suitable for large-scale professional editing
Limited to content creation only
Potential privacy concerns with content generation
Unmentioned processing times
No mobile platform support


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Can ClipMove automatically remove unwanted objects from my images?
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What is the quality of videos upscaled on ClipMove?
Does ClipMove offer any productivity boosting AI tools?
Can ClipMove help me with advanced image manipulation?
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