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Chaindesk is a no-code platform that allows users to build custom AI chatbots trained on their own data. The tool offers a streamlined solution for customer support, onboarding new team members, and simplifying team workflows.

With Chaindesk, users can create AI chatbots in seconds, eliminating the need for technical knowledge. The tool provides a range of features to enhance customer support.

The AI chatbot can answer frequently asked questions and handle simple support requests, allowing the team to focus on providing personalized assistance to customers.

Moreover, the chatbot can operate 24/7, ensuring efficient support even when the team is unavailable. Integration onto websites is straightforward, requiring users to copy and paste code onto their site to provide instant support to visitors.Chaindesk also caters to makers by offering a no-code platform for creating and managing AI chatbots.

Additionally, users can leverage the Chaindesk API to query the AI agent or perform document retrieval. The tool allows for easy integration with data sources and APIs, opening up various possibilities for limitless applications.

Integration onto platforms like Slack and Whatsapp is seamless, allowing engagement with the audience on their preferred channels.Furthermore, Chaindesk enables users to connect custom data to ChatGPT without any code.

This allows for powerful interactions with personal documents through ChatGPT and assists in brand awareness by utilizing the Plugin Store. Insightful statistics on user interactions with the Plugin are available as well.Chaindesk supports multiple languages and offers secure data hosting on AWS servers in Europe.

Users can add chatbots to their websites using iframes or chat bubbles. Instructions can be provided to chatbots for specialized responses.Join thousands of businesses in the generative AI revolution by building your own custom AI chatbot with Chaindesk today.


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Feb 17, 2024
Best AI Chatbot out there!

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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Customizable chatbots
Easy website integration
API for chatbot queries
API for document retrieval
Easy data sources integration
Seamless Slack, Whatsapp integration
Connects custom data to ChatGPT
Plugin Store for brand awareness
Insightful user interaction statistics
Multiple languages support
Secure AWS data hosting
Iframes or chat bubbles options
Specialized chatbots instructions
ChatGPT Agents training
Streamlines customer support
Supports team workflows onboarding
Supports document upload
Coordinates with ChatGPT
Compatible with 90 languages


No-code limits customization
Limited to AWS Europe servers
Limited clarity on security
Doesn't support diverse APIs
Stats feature not available
No explicit privacy features
No multi-datastore chatbot support
No explicit data size limits
Unclear data uploading types


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Can Chaindesk chatbots be integrated on platforms like Slack and Whatsapp?
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Can Chaindesk chatbots be added to my website using iframes or chat bubbles?
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