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Achieve native-like pronunciation with Reggie, your AI language tutor.
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Reggie is an AI-powered language companion designed to aid in enhancing your listening and speaking skills, thereby improving your fluency in a language.

It facilitates real, practical conversations by offering topics that users can choose, simulating immersive, lifelike situations. A standout feature of Reggie is its live pronunciation correction, engineered to bolster your confidence and relieve anxiety when speaking a new language.

Besides facilitating interaction, Reggie offers personalized language learning. It has the ability to adapt to your skill level and challenge your vocabulary and word recognition capabilities, providing bespoke experiences based on individual needs.

The tool comes with a progress monitoring feature, which allows you to keep tabs on your language-learning journey. It provides valuable insights to optimize your proficiency and fluency in your chosen language.

Importantly, Reggie is geared towards enabling users to speak with confidence, emulating native-like pronunciation. Currently, interested users can join as beta testers.


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Pros and Cons


Engages real, practical conversations
Offers topic choice for simulations
Live pronunciation correction feature
Individual skill level adaptation
Vocabulary and word recognition challenges
Personalized language learning
Progress monitoring feature
Fluency and proficiency insights
Native-like pronunciation emulation
Beta testing opportunity
Boosts speaking confidence
Reduces speech anxiety
No credit card needed for beta
Social media presence
Ease of connecting (via socials)
Potential early access for testers


Beta stage, potentially unstable
Limited language options unknown
Accurate live correction uncertain
Vocabulary challenge might vary
Progress insights unclear
Feedback mechanism unknown
Learning content variety uncertain
Interaction method unclear
No offline functionality mentioned
Long-term user adoption unknown


What languages does Reggie support?
How does Reggie's live pronunciation correction work?
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How does Reggie adapt to my skill level?
What information does Reggie's progress monitoring feature provide?
Is Reggie only for beginners or can advanced learners also use it?
What is a 'real, practical conversation' as facilitated by Reggie?
How does Reggie alleviate anxiety when speaking a new language?
How can Reggie help me achieve native-like pronunciation?
Can Reggie be used for academic or business language training?
As a beta tester, what responsibilities will I have?
How can I sign up to be a beta tester for Reggie?
What are some lifelike situations where I can use Reggie?
How does Reggie challenge my vocabulary and word recognition?
Will Reggie work if I have a strong regional accent?
What type of insights can I expect to receive from Reggie to optimize my proficiency?
Can Reggie help correct my grammar mistakes while speaking?
Does Reggie have a mobile app or is it web-based?
Is using Reggie completely free or are there premium features?
Where do I get technical support if I encounter any issues with Reggie?

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