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All-in-one private LLM and RAG desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux
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AnythingLLM is an all-in-one desktop application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that enables you to download and run any LLM locally and privately chat with your documents. By default, the LLM, embedding, and even vector database are all stored locally and can even run 100% offline.

If you are looking to leverage more powerful models, embedders, or vector databases you can connect to any of the 20+ integrated providers to supercharge your AnythingLLM instance.

Shipped with Ollama built-in, you do not need to download anything else to get a full RAG chatbot with zero setup and full privacy. Upload PDFs, mp3s, text files - Anything!

AnythingLLM also comes with a full developer API you can leverage for custom integrations and even several data source connectors like GitHub and YouTube.

AnythingLLM is an MIT Licensed project and is fully open-source for you to modify.

If you are looking for a multi-user experience AnythingLLM also has a self-hosted Docker image that supports concurrent users. AnythingLLM is the last RAG-based chatbot solution you will ever need.

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Apr 15, 2024
AnythingLLM is easy to use, and allows us to build private databases using several (any) kinds of media (text, pdf, audio, etc) and use it as a source of knowledge for any LLM you might wonder to experiment!

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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple users
Privacy-focused design
Operable without internet
Compatible with various LLM
Supports diverse document formats
Customizable interface
Advanced developer API
Installable on any desktop
Compatible with MacOS and Windows
Allows user control
Supports enterprise models
Supports custom models
Supports open-source models
Standalone application capability
Internal and external operations
Plug-in-free operation
Any model, any document
One-click installation
Compatibility with GPT-4
Sky as limit customization
Operates with explicitly connected services
Doesn’t restrict LLM provider
Unlimited LLM control
Enterprise-ready tool
Comprehensive solution
Can function offline
Offers full control
Privacy-centered solution
Runs on machine without internet
Appearance customization
Diverse document support


No mobile compatibility
Requires explicit connectivity
No Linux support
Over-reliance on personal customization
Potential overload with diverse models
No multi-language support indicated
No automatic updates indicated
Limited document format support


What is AnythingLLM?
What is a Language Learning Model and how does AnythingLLM utilize it?
How does AnythingLLM function without the internet?
What kind of models does AnythingLLM support?
What document formats does AnythingLLM handle besides PDFs?
Is AnythingLLM compatible with both MacOS and Windows operating systems?
How does AnythingLLM's multi-user support work?
How does AnythingLLM ensure privacy?
Can AnythingLLM be customized according to user preference?
Can AnythingLLM be used as a standalone desktop application?
Why would I use AnythingLLM over other business intelligence tools?
Which LLM providers can I use with AnythingLLM?
What is the purpose of the advanced developer API in AnythingLLM?
Is AnythingLLM compatible with open-source models?
How does AnythingLLM interact with explicitly connected services?
What control does AnythingLLM offer for Language Learning Models?
Does AnythingLLM support enterprise models?
Are there any restrictions on the number of users that can use AnythingLLM?
How can AnythingLLM enhance my business intelligence capabilities?
Which companies or organizations would benefit from using AnythingLLM?

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