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Converse with anime-style chatbots using custom prompts.
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Diffusion Chat is an AI tool designed to facilitate conversations with latent spaces. It uses a pre-trained model to generate conversations, with a large anime image size of 512x512, 4 images, and 30 steps.

Additionally, it has a feature that allows users to add modifiers and negative prompts to their generated conversations. The tool also has the ability to save prompts, so users can easily access them at any time.

This tool is ideal for those looking to explore conversations with latent spaces in an easy and efficient manner.

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User Profile PictureDwurtfy
ยท Aug 10, 2023
It is amazing, but there is some bugs that says "Something went wrong", but it works perfectly :)
User Profile Picturelilmisskitten83
ยท Jul 23, 2023
keeps erroring and im not living for it
User Profile PictureSoraTheKami
ยท May 13, 2023
It works amazingly! All you need to do is just to say something that makes sense and It will generate an image for you!
User Profile PictureAri Kivimaki
ยท May 5, 2023
Doesn't work. Neither my prompt or the "surprise me" option give a response. It just displays "something went wrong".

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Pros and Cons


Pre-trained model usage
Large anime image size
Can handle 4 images
Supports 30 steps
Feature for adding modifiers
Negative prompts feature
Prompts can be saved
Access prompts anytime
Facilitates latent spaces conversation
Prompt Magic feature
Size adjustment up to 512x512


Limited to anime-style chatbots
Requires high image resolution
No multi-language support
Limited chat history storage
Lack of real-time response
Conversation length limited to 30 steps
CFG Scale lacks clarity
No option to modify image count
Inability to categorize saved prompts


What is Diffusion Chat?
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Who is the target audience of Diffusion Chat?
How can Diffusion Chat help in conversing with latent spaces?
What is the meaning of 'latent spaces' in the context of Diffusion Chat?
What does the 'Prompt Magic' feature in Diffusion Chat do?
How many images can Diffusion Chat handle?
Can Diffusion Chat generate anime-style images?
What is the CFG scale in Diffusion Chat?
Why is the chatbot feature of Diffusion Chat unique?
Can I access my saved prompts at any time in Diffusion Chat?
What would 'Surprise Me' do in Diffusion Chat?
Can I add negative prompts in Diffusion Chat?
What is the largest image size supported by Diffusion Chat?
Can I customise the steps of conversation generation in Diffusion Chat?
Why has Diffusion Chat chosen a large anime size of 512x512 for conversation generation?

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