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Customize language agents for various tasks.
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AIWaves Agents is an open-source library/framework designed for creating customizable language agents using long-short term memory (LLM). The framework offers a range of essential features such as tool usage, web navigation, multi-agent communication, human-agent interaction, and symbolic control.

Users can easily customize a language agent or a multi-agent system by simply filling in a configuration file in natural language and deploying the agents in various interfaces, including a terminal, a Gradio interface, or a backend service.One notable feature of AIWaves Agents is the ability for users to provide fine-grained control and guidance to language agents through a Standard Operation Process (SOP).

This process allows users to define subgoals and subtasks, allowing for a highly customizable workflow for the language agents.The key functionalities and highlights of AIWaves Agents are as follows:1.

Tool Usage: Language agents within the framework can utilize external tools by invoking their functions. Developers also have the option to add customized tools/APIs.2.

Web Navigation: Language agents can effectively navigate the web and retrieve useful information using search engines.3. Human-Agent Interaction: The framework seamlessly supports human users to assume the role of the agent themselves, enabling input of their own actions and interactions with other language agents.4.

Symbolic Control: AIWaves Agents allows users to define an SOP that includes subgoals and subtasks, enabling the customization of fine-grained workflows for the language agents, a departure from traditional frameworks.5.

Multi-agent Communication: The library supports the creation of multi-agent systems, where language agents can communicate with each other and the environment.

The framework includes a controller function that dynamically determines the next action using an LLM, taking into account previous actions, the environment, and the current state.AIWaves Agents provides a comprehensive solution for developing autonomous language agents with advanced functionality and flexibility.

Aiwaves was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 12th 2023.
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