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Android chatbot for Q&A.
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Ask Albert is an AI chat assistant app available on Google Play for Android phones. It is powered by GPT AI and provides users with various functionalities such as generating social media posts, writing emails, recipe inspiration, language translation, and answering science questions, among other things.

The app is continuously being developed and welcomes user feedback. It is not affiliated with OpenAI in any way. The app has a data safety feature that ensures users' privacy and security are protected as developers collect and share users' data.

The privacy policy is available on the developer's website and can be accessed by users. One of the newest features of Ask Albert is the chat bar widget that users can add to their home screen for easy access.

The developer has also fixed numerous bugs and improved the app in its latest update. The app is developed by PlayStudio Apps, a developer based in the Netherlands, and users can contact the developer via email for support or access the developer's website for more information.

Additionally, the app has in-app purchases available, and its content is rated PEGI 3. Overall, Ask Albert is a useful tool that can help users with various tasks, and its continuous development ensures that it will keep improving in the future.

Ask Albert was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates social media posts
Writes emails
Provides recipe inspiration
Translates languages
Answers science questions
Continuously being developed
Ensures data safety
Privacy policy available
Chat bar widget for easy access
Regular bug fixes and improvements
Developer based in Netherlands
Support via email available
In-app purchases available
Rated PEGI 3
1K+ downloads
No data shared with third parties
No data collected from users


In-app purchases
Limited to Android
Based outside US
Unspecified data sharing
Continuous development, possible instability
Only PEGI 3 content
Requires Google Play
No specified customer support hours


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Can Ask Albert assist me in writing emails?
How can I provide feedback about Ask Albert?
What kind of science questions can Ask Albert answer?
Is Ask Albert affiliated with OpenAI?
Which AI technology does Ask Albert use?
How can I contact the developer of Ask Albert?
What are the in-app purchases available in Ask Albert?
What unique features differentiate Ask Albert from other AI chat assistants?
How is Ask Albert useful in generating recipe ideas?
How often does Ask Albert get updated?
How can I access Ask Albert's privacy policy?
What is Ask Albert's content rating?
Where can I download Ask Albert?

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