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Bard GPT is a Chrome extension that seamlessly combines the features of ChatGPT and Bard AI, allowing users to view responses from both AI models side-by-side.

The extension offers a user-friendly interface for easy comparison and eliminates the need to switch between tabs. By simply hitting the keyboard shortcut "ctrl/⌘ + j" and entering a prompt, users can access the dual AI-powered interface and view results together in a side-by-side format.

The extension also offers a dark mode for improved visibility and fluid interaction, as well as a fast access feature using a popup window. Notably, Bard GPT does not require an in-app login and is completely free to use.ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, trained on a vast amount of text data from the internet.

It can understand and generate human-like text and perform various natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and text completion.

On the other hand, Bard AI is a large language model chatbot developed by Google AI, trained on a massive dataset of text and code. It can generate text, translate languages, write creative content, and provide informative answers.

BardGPT, the Chrome extension, opens ChatGPT and Bard AI side-by-side and allows users to search and view results together. To use the extension, users need to have accounts for both ChatGPT and Google Bard, which can be created for free.Overall, Bard GPT provides a convenient and efficient way to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT and Bard AI simultaneously, enabling users to save time and enhance their productivity.

BardGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Compare responses side by side
No need for tab switching
Keyboard shortcut for Quick access
Dark mode interface
Fluid interaction
Fast access popup feature
No in-app logins required
Free to use
Saves user time
Streamlines productivity
User-friendly interface
100% Free access
ChatGPT and Bard accounts supported
Side by side chatbot comparison
Improved visibility of results


Only for Chrome
Requires separate accounts for ChatGPT and Bard
No regeneration/drafts feature
Unspecified update frequency
No mobile application
Only supports Google search
Specific keyboard shortcut may conflict with other shortcuts
No multi-language support
No in-app customization options


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What is the purpose of the fast access feature in BardGPT?
Are there any login requirements for using BardGPT?
Is BardGPT free to use?
What do I need to use BardGPT?
How can BardGPT enhance productivity?
Which companies developed ChatGPT and Bard AI?
How does BardGPT work with ChatGPT and Bard AI?
Can BardGPT be used on any internet browser or just Chrome?
Does BardGPT offer support or help tutorials?
What kind of tasks can be performed by ChatGPT and Bard AI?
Where can I create accounts for ChatGPT and Google Bard to use BardGPT?
How user-friendly is the interface of BardGPT?
Does BardGPT require my personal information or data?
Can BardGPT be used for academic or professional purposes?
Is the extension BardGPT safe & secure to use?

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