Email summaries 05 Mar 2023
Summarize emails efficiently

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that summarizes incoming emails using natural language processing and sends the summary straight to your Slack workspace. The tool claims to help users stay organized and focused by reducing the amount of time spent on reading and processing emails.

The workflow is simple - users receive an email in their inbox, it is then automatically forwarded to the system, where it is quickly analyzed, and a summary is generated.

The email summary then gets sent to the user via Slack, allowing them to easily stay on top of their emails and respond to them promptly. highlights the most important information in the email, so users can quickly understand what it's about without having to read the entire message.

The tool is 100% secure, supporting different languages, and promises to save time by allowing users to focus on more important tasks. It provides a convenient way for users to access email summaries without constantly checking their inbox. offers a free trial, which allows users to summarize up to 500 emails for free. The tool is marketed as a solution for stressed, cluttered inboxes and an organized life.

Overall, is a useful tool for individuals or businesses looking to reduce the time spent on email management while still staying informed and up-to-date.

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes emails efficiently
Sends summaries to Slack
Automatically forwards emails
Highlights crucial email info
100% secure platform
Supports different languages
Saves time
Prevents constant inbox checking
Free trial available
Summarizes up to 500 emails for free
Organizes cluttered inboxes
Instant daily email summaries
Promises smoother workflow
Fast email analysis
Ideal for individuals and businesses


Limited to Slack integration
Automatic email forwarding required
Potential language translation inaccuracies
Limited free trial
Requires regular internet connection
No mobile app mentioned
May not catch nuances
Only email summarization focus
Potential privacy concerns
No multi-channel support


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How does summarize my emails?
Is secure?
Can process emails in different languages?
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How is the email summary sent to me?
How can simplify my email management?
How long does it take for to summarize an email?
Does work with Slack only?
What is included in's free trial?
How does email forwarding to work?
What kind of emails can summarize?
Can sort my emails by importance?
Where does send the summaries?
What are the four steps uses to summarize emails?
Can highlight the main points from long emails?
How can help me stay organized?
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