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Collaborative art and image editing platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is a beta 0.4 tool that offers three main functions for its users. The first function, Image Generation, allows users to create art by utilizing chatgpt.

Users can generate images using AI technology provided by chatgpt. The second function, Image Explosion, enables users to modify and share images with others on social media platforms.

Users can edit and enhance images created by themselves or others and easily share them with their social media networks. The third function, Image Addiction, allows multiple users to collaboratively create and live-stream their art.

This feature incorporates dice rolls to determine which user chooses the keywords for collaborative art creation. The platform provides a login option for users to securely access their accounts.

It also offers a registration process for new users to create an account. The tool emphasizes user convenience by providing a "Remember me" option for quick login.

Additionally, there are options for users to customize their settings, change their passwords, and log out of their accounts.It is important to note that the text indicates is in its beta 0.4 version.

This suggests that the tool is still under development and may undergo changes and improvements over time. Overall, serves as a platform for users to generate art with AI technology and engage in collaborative art creation and sharing through image modification and social media integration.

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Pros and Cons


Image generation feature
Image sharing on social media
Collaborative live-streaming art creation
Incorporates dice roll for collaboration
User-friendly login options
Offers account settings customization
Password change functionality
Continuous tool development and improvements
Quick login through 'Remember me'
Secure account access
New user registration
Light and Dark theme options
Option to edit user-generated images
Supports multi-user collaboration
Functionality for image modification
Control over keyword selection
Facility to view and edit past work
Social media integration
Streamlined user interface
Ongoing tool enhancements
Concept of Image 'explosion' and 'addiction'
Supports user-created art sharing
Offers 'My Work' personalized section
Facilitates image enhancement
Allows image exploration
Convenient 'Exit' option
Theme auto-adjustment option
Tracks creation timestamp
Creation details visibility
Multi-language support
Accessible customer support
Embedded links for ease of navigation
Prompt registration process
Sorts work by recent posts
Allows art creation using chatgpt
Easy navigation between pages
Direct link to FAQs
Clear terms of use
Integrated email and phone login
Secured Sign up process
Bright and clean layout
Distinct sections for different functionalities
Simple tool interaction
Active on Twitter and Facebook
Ability to follow updates
Company details and policies available
Diverse creativity stimulation


Beta version, lacks maturity
Limited customization options
Dice roll collaboration determinant
Art creation limited by keywords
No multi-language support
Shares on social media only
No data backup options
No guest access
No option for bulk uploads
Limited image editing capabilities


What is the main purpose of
What are the three main functions of
How does the Image Generation function in work?
What can the Image Explosion feature do on
How can multiple users collaboratively create and live-stream their art on
What is the role of dice rolls in the Image Addiction function?
Is there a login option available on
Can I create a new account on
What does the 'Remember me' option do on
Can users customize their settings on
How can users change their passwords on
What does the beta 0.4 version of indicate?
Can users share images on social media platforms through
Can users modify and enhance images created by themselves or others on
Is it possible to log out of the accounts on
What is meant by collaborative art creation on
Can users live-stream their art on
Is there a Dark theme available on
What does registration process in involve?
Is still under development?


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