Slack summaries 25 Jan 2023
Slack conversation summary extraction.

Generated by ChatGPT

Crux is an AI-powered tool designed to make it easy to quickly get the context of conversations on Slack. With Crux, users can get a concise summary of conversations in seconds, saving hours of scrolling through long threads.

The tool is easy to use - all you have to do is install the Crux app in your Slack workspace, select a conversation, and reply to it with a @crux message or select “Get the Crux”.

Crux will then instantly provide a summary of the conversation. Crux also prioritizes user privacy, adheres to all the security guidelines set by Slack, and uses the AES256 algorithm to encrypt any data that requires persistence.

Crux is a great tool for making decisions more efficiently, quickly scanning project updates from team members, and saving time by not having to dig through lengthy threads.

Crux was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes Slack conversations quickly
User-friendly integration with Slack
Ensures secure conversation summaries
Prioritizes user privacy
AES256 algorithm for encryption
Optimizes decision making
Enables one-click context extraction
Saves time scrolling threads
High-level view of projects
Identifies potential project roadblocks
No data persistence
Supports instant responses
Cost and time efficient
Adheres to Slack's security guidelines
Easy three-step setup process


Limited to Slack only
Requires installation in workspace
Lack of customizability
Doesn't support multiple platforms
No offline functionality
Relies on direct @crux command
No detailed reports provided
Doesn't summarize external resources
No API integration
Potential lack of accuracy


What is Crux?
What does Crux do?
How can I install Crux on my Slack workspace?
How do I use Crux to get a summary of a Slack conversation?
What is the process to get a conversation summary using Crux?
Does Crux store my messages or personal identification?
How does Crux ensure user privacy?
What is the encryption method used by Crux for data persistence?
Can Crux help me in summarizing lengthy conversations quickly?
What are some use-cases of Crux?
How does Crux assist in decision making?
Can Crux summarize project updates shared on Slack?
How efficient is Crux at saving time during conversation analysis?
How does Crux prioritize and summarize Slack messages?
Does Crux provide a high-level view of progress and potential roadblocks during project updates?
How instantly does Crux respond to requests?
How does Crux secure user data?
Can Crux help me save person hours?
What are the pricing details of Crux?
Where can I get help or customer support for Crux?

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