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Creates marketing videos
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Dreamik AI is a tool that leverages generative AI technology to transform text into professional videos narrated by a virtual human. With Dreamik AI, users can easily create stunning product images, videos, and music for marketing purposes.

By eliminating the need for manual video shooting and the hiring of professionals, Dreamik AI offers a cost-effective and time-saving solution for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies.The tool boasts features such as quick and accurate video generation, ensuring high-quality results to meet users' specific requirements.

It includes a generative AI package that facilitates image and music synthesis, further enhancing the overall video production process. Dreamik AI is also cloud-ready and supports a WhatsApp bot, making it adaptable to different digital environments.Using Dreamik AI is straightforward: users simply need to type in their desired text, select a template, and customize it according to their preferences.

This convenient and user-friendly interface empowers users to create impressive videos effortlessly.Dreamik AI aims to revolutionize the marketing journey by providing businesses with the opportunity to create professional promo videos that are just a few clicks away.

With its planned beta launch in March 2023, the tool offers a competitive edge for businesses seeking to stay at the forefront of success in their marketing endeavors.Please note that the specific contact details listed in the text are not relevant for the tool's description.


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Pros and Cons


Generates professional videos
Virtual human narrator
Creates marketing product images
Cost-effective solution
Time-saving video production
Accurate video generation
High-quality results
Supports WhatsApp bot
Easy text-to-video conversion
Customizable video templates
User-friendly interface
No need for manual shooting
No need to hire professionals
Adaptable to digital environments


Beta launch in 2023
WhatsApp bot compatibility only
Only supports template customization
Limited narrator variety
No direct social media posting
No detailed user-guide
No mobile app
Limited output formats
No API integration
Micro-managed video creation


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How does Dreamik AI transform text into videos?
Can users customize the videos created by Dreamik AI?
What makes Dreamik AI a cost-effective tool for businesses?
Is Dreamik AI cloud compatible?
How does Dreamik AI use AI for image and music synthesis?
What is the launching date of Dreamik AI beta version?
Can Dreamik AI be used to generate images?
How do I start using Dreamik AI?
Does Dreamik AI support a WhatsApp bot?
How user-friendly is Dreamik AI?
Why should I choose Dreamik AI for creating marketing videos?
How quickly does Dreamik AI generate videos?
Is any specific hardware or software required to use Dreamik AI?

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