Coding assistance 2023-04-13
Optimized code for efficient programming.
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EXO is an AI tool designed to speed up the process of creating and refining code for programmers. It serves as a virtual exoskeleton that programmers can utilize to code more efficiently.

EXO uses its AI capability to create and optimize code automatically. The tool offers three different pricing plans, including a Free Plan, an Own API Key Plan, and a Pro Plan.

The Free Plan allows users to try the tool without any financial commitment, with $10 of Open AI credits included. The Own API Key Plan accommodates users who have their own Open AI API key, enabling them to use the tool without an additional cost.

The Pro Plan offers unlimited API calls but doesn't give any specific pricing information.Users can access the tool by signing up on the platform using either their Google, GitHub or LinkedIn account.

Once logged in, users can access their own dashboard and explore the functionalities that the tool has to offer.In summary, EXO is an AI-based tool aimed at helping programmers improve their coding process.

The platform offers different pricing plans to accommodate different needs and budgets. By using the tool, programmers can save time and streamline their workflow when coding.

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Pros and Cons


Optimized code creation
Multiple pricing options
Free trial available
Can utilize existing API keys
Provides unlimited API calls
Simplifies programming tasks
Accessible through multiple platforms
Personal user dashboard
Can refactor existing code
Promotes efficient coding process
Streamlines developer workflow


Undefined Pro Plan price
No price transparency
Limited without own API key
Requires third-party account for signup
No stand-alone registration option
Unclear cost on usage over-limit
No available MacOS or Windows apps


What is EXO?
How does EXO optimize coding?
What is meant by 'EXO is a virtual exoskeleton' for programmers?
How does EXO use AI in its operations?
What are the pricing plans for using EXO?
What is included in the Free Plan of EXO?
What does the Own API Key plan offer?
Can I use my own Open AI API Key with EXO?
What's included in the Pro Plan of EXO?
Why doesn't the Pro Plan show a specific pricing?
How can I access the EXO platform?
Can I sign up on EXO platform using my Google account?
Can I also use my LinkedIn or GitHub account to sign up on EXO platform?
Is there a personal dashboard I can access after signing up with EXO?
What are the functionalities offered by EXO?
Does EXO have any specific features to improve code efficiency?
How does EXO help streamline the programming workflow?
What are the benefits of using the EXO tool?
Will I get any OpenAI credits with the free version of EXO?
Does EXO have an unlimited API calls facility?

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