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Integrates document chat for app developers.
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Grain is an API tool that helps developers integrate document chat into their apps quickly and easily. It supports PDFs of all sizes and chats in nearly every language.

The tool is designed to scale as the app grows, no matter how large. Grain leverages state-of-the-art technologies and models such as Pinecone, Langchain, and OpenAI to solve the problem of hallucinations and false answers, which are significant issues with many AI document chat tools.

The tool provides a simple, powerful, and secure solution for building document chat. Grain prioritizes the security of users’ documents and data with industry-leading practices.

Additionally, it allows users to retrieve the exact list of sources that were used to generate the response. Grain offers three pricing plans, Good for anyone looking to get started, Perfect for startups and smaller organizations, and For even the biggest enterprise companies.

The tool comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee policy. If the API doesn't work out, users can have their money refunded without any questions asked.

Users can delete their account and all associated data by sending an email to Grain. Overall, Grain appears to be an efficient and reliable tool for integrating document chat into an app.

Grain was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports PDFs of all sizes
Chat in almost every language
Scales with your usage
Secure and complies with industry-leading practices
Lists all sources for generated responses
Offers three diverse pricing plans
7-day money-back guarantee
Account and data deletion upon request
Unlimited pages per PDF in all pricing plans
Integration support on Scale plan
Language support ranges English to Chinese and German
Reliable tool for document chat
Sources included in responses
Offers priority support in 'Grow' plan
No limit on file size
Supports multiple file uploads
World class tech built into the tool
Strict data access control mechanisms
Custom SLAs available on Scale Plan
Caters to starting individuals to enterprise companies


No support for non-PDF formats
Data storage only in U.S.
Limited language support options
No free pricing tier
Not transparent about data access
Extra charges for excessive pages
Complicated data deletion process
No immediate data deletion
Limited API query limits
No offline functionality


What is Grain?
What languages does Grain support?
Does Grain support documents in all sizes?
How does Grain solve the problem of hallucinations and false answers?
Is Grain secure?
How does Grain handle my data?
Can I retrieve the sources for the answers generated?
What are the pricing plans offered by Grain?
Does Grain offer a money-back guarantee?
What is the process to delete my account in Grain?
What happens to my data when I delete my account in Grain?
What technology is behind Grain?
How do I integrate Grain into my app?
How are PDFs handled in Grain?
Does Grain come with Customer Support?
What is the largest file size or page number that Grain can handle?
How do I upload documents into Grain?
What is the policy of Grain on data storage?
Does the performance of Grain scale up as my usage increases?
Does Grain offer custom pricing plans if the standard plans are not sufficient?


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