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h2oGPT is an AI tool developed by that enables users to generate text-based chat responses. It utilizes natural language processing techniques and is open source, with its code available on GitHub.

h2oGPT can be used for various purposes, such as chatbot development, text generation, and conversational AI research.The tool provides an interface called LLM Studio, which allows users to input text through different methods like URL, arXiv, or directly pasting it.

Additionally, users can upload various file formats like PDF, TXT, CSV, and more. The input context can also be provided for instruction purposes.h2oGPT offers various pre-trained models, including Llama-2, GPT-3.5 Turbo, and others.

Users can select the desired model for generating responses based on their requirements. The tool also supports features like chat history, document selection, document viewer, and query summarization.It is worth mentioning that h2oGPT comes with certain disclaimers, including potential objectionable content due to training data sources and conversations being used for model improvement.

Users are advised not to share sensitive information while using the tool.Overall, h2oGPT is a powerful and flexible AI tool for text generation and chatbot development, offering a range of features and pre-trained models to support various use cases in natural language processing and conversation-based AI research.

h2oGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open source code
Interface: LLM Studio
Supports text, URL, arXiv input
Supports PDF, TXT, CSV uploads
Provides input context feature
Offers pre-trained models
Features chat history
Includes document selection
Includes document viewer
Offers query summarization
Supports different file formats
Range of use cases
Code available on GitHub
Supports chatbot development
Supports text generation
Supports document selection
Built-in expert models
Safe data handling
NLP techniques
User-friendly interface
Range of pre-trained models
Useful for chatbot development
Agents chat feature
Chat history feature
Query summarization feature
Supports various input methods
Offers GPT-3.5 Turbo model
Input context for instruction
Selectable models
Model loading in models tab
Ability to remove models
Dark mode feature
Customizable window size
Document chunking option
Text export functionality
Supports GPU customization
Model comparison mode
Advanced system configuration
Built with Gradio
Sampler customization
User-friendly token count
Prompt customization capabilities
Adaptable document handling
Optimal output search


No mobile application
Overcomplex interface
Lacks intuitive usability
No direct social media integration
Potential for objectionable content
Conversations used for improvements
Doesn't support all languages
Not suitable for sensitive data
Specific document types unsupported
No dedicated customer support


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What kind of interface does h2oGPT provide?
How does h2oGPT generate text-based chat responses?
What features does h2oGPT offer?
What disclaimers come with h2oGPT?
How can I use h2oGPT for chatbot development?
What is the chat history feature in h2oGPT?
How can h2oGPT assist me in conversation-based AI research?
Can I select different models in h2oGPT based on my requirements?
What is the document viewer in h2oGPT?
What is the purpose of the instruction context?
What is query summarization in h2oGPT?
Why am I advised not to share sensitive information on h2oGPT?

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