Chatting in Slack 2023-08-14
Streamlined Slack collaboration with smart chatbot
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Haly AI is an AI-powered Slack chatbot that aims to enhance business and personal productivity. It provides various features such as content generation, customer support, and sales assistance.

With Haly, users can generate different types of content including articles, social media posts, emails, and code in any programming language. It also offers back-and-forth conversational capabilities, allowing users to discuss and strategize the best business approaches.One of Haly's notable features is SmartSearch, which enables users to ask questions about their organization and quickly retrieve relevant information.

It can even identify experts within a Slack workspace who can provide guidance and insights on specific topics.Haly AI is developed by Upmortem, a company focused on leveraging technology to streamline communication and improve productivity in the workplace.

Haly aims to help teams stay organized, informed, and efficient within the Slack platform. It supports ongoing projects, facilitates collaboration, and provides access to vital information without leaving Slack.Getting started with Haly is easy, requiring only the installation of the Haly AI Slackbot.

The tool offers a free tier with limited prompts per day, and additional features are available through a paid plan. Haly is designed to enhance team communication, answer frequently asked questions, and improve collaboration within organizations.

The source code for Haly is open source and hosted on GitHub.

Haly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 14th 2023.
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