Meeting summaries 2023-04-30
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Summarizing meeting insights.
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HearHear is an AI-powered tool that can help transform your daily meetings into actionable insights. This Discord bot allows users to record meetings held in voice or stage channels and generates customized insights based on templates created by the user.

The tool can generate summaries in haiku format, action items, vibe checks, and tension analysis. With HearHear, users can bid farewell to missed tasks and forgotten ideas, thanks to its ability to generate crucial insights for the meeting.

HearHear also provides users with easy access to the raw transcript of their meetings, complete with audio playback for triple-checking. This feature ensures that any misunderstandings are adequately addressed, thereby improving communication and productivity.

Integrating HearHear into existing workflows is seamless and effortless as it is a Discord bot. Users only have to add the bot to their server, assign the requisite roles, and start using it.

HearHear is suitable for any business or individual looking to improve their meetings' productivity and overall success. If users have any questions or concerns regarding the tool, they can reach out to the developers via Twitter.

Overall, HearHear offers an innovative approach to the common problem of unproductive meetings and helps users make the most out of their daily discussions.


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Mar 7, 2024
site does not work
Apr 3, 2024
Yeah, I just checked again after a few days and the site is till down.

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Pros and Cons


Actionable meeting insights
Records Discord voice channels
Customized insight generation
Generates summaries in haiku
Produces action items
Performs vibe checks
Conducts tension analysis
Prevents missed tasks and ideas
Offers raw transcript access
Includes audio playback
Easy integration as Discord bot
Suits businesses and individuals
Support accessible via Twitter
Produces meeting details dashboard


Limited to Discord platform
Dependent on User-Generated Templates
No direct technical support
Limited transcription formats
Transcript triple-check necessity
Potential Security Concerns
No known integration with other tools
Support through Twitter only
No mention of language support


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What kind of insights can be generated from HearHear?
Can HearHear analyze the vibe or tension level of a meeting?
Will I be able to review the audio of my meetings with HearHear?
What steps are required to start using HearHear?
What is the process of using HearHear during a meeting?
Who can benefit from using HearHear?
How can HearHear help in reducing missed tasks and forgotten ideas?
How does HearHear summarize a meeting?
Can HearHear handle permissions in a Discord channel?
What's the function of HearHear's template-based system?
How does HearHear manage to turn my meetings into actionable insights?
Is there a direct way to contact HearHear for questioning?
How can HearHear support me in improving communication within my team?
Does HearHear offer any haiku-style summarizing option?


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