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A new way of website making with AI
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Hostomo is an AI-powered website builder that offers comprehensive solutions for creating and hosting websites. The tool allows users to build sophisticated websites with minimal effort, utilizing groundbreaking AI technology to enable effortless design, copywriting, and image generation.

It also offers robust web hosting services, allowing users to host an unlimited number of websites. In addition to a website builder, Hostomo encompasses a portfolio builder, providing a platform to showcase work, skills, and achievements in a visually appealing and easy-to-access manner.

Users can install WordPress, Joomla or any other content management systems, as well as other PHP scripts, and can choose the PHP version that best suits their needs.

An AI blog generator is featured, aiming to streamline and simplify the blogging process. As a hosting service, they provide complete access to your code and database, enabling full customization.

Hostomo also underlines that all of these features are available at no cost, promoting its free accessibility as part of its key value proposition.

Hostomo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Effortless website design
Unlimited web hosting
Portfolio builder feature
Supports WordPress
Supports Joomla
Supports PHP scripts
PHP version customization
Allows full code access
Allows full database access
All features are free
Supports custom PHP scripts
Good for personal branding
Engages audience effortlessly
Lifetime free hosting
Offers quality support
Supports other CMS
Provides complete CMS flexibility
User-friendly for non-coders
Generates professional output
Facilitates sophisticated website building
Empowers one-stop online presence
Enables online presence expansion
Aids in career enhancement


No ecommerce features
Limited to PHP scripts
No user access controls
Minimal flexibility
Not suitable for complex websites
Lack of advanced features


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What PHP scripts can I use on Hostomo?
Can I choose the PHP version that best suits my needs on Hostomo?
How does the AI blog generator of Hostomo work?
Do I get complete access to my code and database on Hostomo?
Is Hostomo really free to use?
What AI design features does Hostomo offer?
How does the AI copywriting feature work on Hostomo?
How does Hostomo enable unlimited websites to be created?
Does Hostomo offer customer support?
How can I start using Hostomo?
What is the 'Product Tour' feature on Hostomo?
Can I use custom PHP Scripts on Hostomo?
What is the uptime guarantee of Hostomo?
How are the web hosting services of Hostomo?

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