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Automated research and writing for product management
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Jottery is an AI-powered tool designed to help product managers improve their writing and research skills, leading to better productivity and efficiency.

The tool focuses on providing six essential benefits tailored to the needs of product managers, which are compelling writing, enhanced research, time-saving templates, persuasive communication, role excellence, and boosted productivity.

With Jottery, product managers can write 10x faster and research smarter, making better product decisions along the way. Jottery offers more than 50 pre-designed templates for common product management documents, from user stories to internal communications.

This feature ensures consistency across all writing and saves valuable time, enabling product managers to focus more on strategic tasks and less on time-consuming writing and research.

The AI-powered writing assistant uses GPT-3.5/4 to assist with crafting precise, impactful documents, such as product descriptions, user stories, pitches, and meeting notes.

Product managers can effortlessly draft persuasive pitches, detailed user stories, and impactful internal communications with ease. Jottery has been used by top product managers who attest to the tool's effectiveness and time-saving capabilities.

Signing up for Jottery is simple and users can choose a plan that suits their needs. Overall, Jottery is an excellent AI tool for product managers looking to elevate their writing and research skills, freeing up time for strategic decision-making, and eventual promotion.

Jottery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhanced research capabilities
Time-saving templates
Persuasive communication aid
Boosts productivity
Role excellence features
More than 50 templates
Precise document drafting
Effortless crafting of pitches
Detailed user story creation
Impactful internal communication drafting
Utilizes GPT-3.5/4
Used by top product managers
Simple signup process
Flexible plans
Improve writing and research skills
3x Faster Research
80% Time Saved
10,000+ Documents created
Supports wide variety of writing tasks
Streamlines research process
Enhances communication clarity
Frees up time for leadership tasks
Assists in strategic decision making
Templates for common product tasks
Improves market and competitor insights
Popular among product managers


Limited to product management
No multilingual support
Lacks real-time collaboration
Limited template variety
Restricted use of GPT-3.5/4
No mobile version
Rigid pricing plans


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