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Productivity boost through activity data retrieval.
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MemFlow is an AI-powered tool designed for  Mac users that allows them to capture and retrieve information from their daily activities. By leveraging AI technology, MemFlow aims to save users 30 minutes per day by enabling efficient search and information generation.

The tool captures data from the user's screen, speaker, and microphone, converting screenshots and audios into text through OCR and ASR techniques. Users can then search through these texts or send them to ChatGPT to generate new content.

One notable feature of MemFlow is its privacy-first approach, as all data is processed and stored locally. Text data is encrypted following industry best practices, ensuring that no one has access to local data without the user's consent.

Additionally, MemFlow has developed advanced compression algorithms that can compress recording data up to 10,000 times, allowing users to store several years' worth of recordings easily.The tool offers various use cases, including efficient keyword or semantic search across multiple platforms and apps, providing summaries of daily work, offering insights into prior interactions before calls, automatically capturing and indexing meeting notes, and enabling the playback of interactions for reproducing setups and tracking decisions.Currently available only for MacOS (Ventura 13.0+), MemFlow intends to expand its support to Windows, iOS, and Android in the future.

It requires three permissions - Screen Recording, Accessibility, and Microphone - to collect data locally. MemFlow typically utilizes only 5-10% of the CPU and 200MB of memory, with the majority of the CPU in idle states.

Disk space usage can vary, with regular mode taking around 10GB per month and low-storage mode requiring only 3GB per month.

MemFlow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for Mac users
Captures data from screen
Captures data from speaker
Captures data from microphone
Saves 30 minutes daily
Convers screenshots to texts (OCR)
Converts audios to texts (ASR)
Searchable text data
Data can be sent to ChatGPT
Privacy-first approach
All data processed locally
Data encrypted for security
Advanced compression algorithms
Compresses data up to 10,000x
Stores years of recordings
Supports keyword or semantic search
Summarizes daily work
Provides insights before calls
Captures and indexes meeting notes
Playback of interactions feature
Tracking decisions feature
Future expansion to other platforms
Low CPU usage (5-10%)
Low memory usage (200MB)
Variable disk space usage
Regular mode: 10GB/month
Low-storage mode: 3GB/month


Only for MacOS currently
Requires three permissions
Uses 5-10% of CPU
Consumes 200MB of memory
Potential 10GB/month disk usage
Storage dependent on mode
Only local data processing
Limited to text-based data
Requires ASR and OCR
No clear API provided


What is MemFlow?
What platforms currently support MemFlow?
Does MemFlow work on Windows, iOS and Android?
What permissions does MemFlow need to function optimally?
How does MemFlow protect my data and privacy?
What are the main features of MemFlow?
How does MemFlow save users' time?
How much CPU and memory resources would MemFlow need on my system?
How does MemFlow handle screen recording data?
What is the primary use of OCR and ASR technologies in MemFlow?
How much storage space does MemFlow require?
Does MemFlow offer compression for recording data?
How can I get the MemFlow Beta version?
What benefits do I get for trying out the MemFlow Beta?
How does MemFlow aid in information retrieval and generation?
What type of information can I search with MemFlow?
Are there any plans to extend the support of MemFlow to other operating systems?
How does MemFlow ensure privacy-first approach?
Can MemFlow also capture and index my meeting notes automatically?
How does MemFlow provide an overview of my workday?

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