Video generation 2023-11-07
Global video AI generation for content creation.
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Ourea is an AI-powered platform designed for global video content creation. It serves various sectors including global material services, closed-loop e-commerce, brand e-commerce, app products, short drama production, and mobile games.

Ourea focuses on broadening the market scope for global growth by leveraging AI to create personalized content. A noteworthy feature of Ourea is its ability to provide cost-effective solutions, making content creation accessible to a wide array of users across different sectors.

The use of AI technology within the platform streamlines the decision-making process in marketing, with features such as automated generation of basic marketing strategies and low-cost video materials based on entered information such as product form, target market and potential customer characteristics.

It positions itself as a tool facilitating faster material testing. It also offers conveniences like the second creation feature which allows users to save time by adapting existing materials.

Lastly, Ourea aims to keep cost-efficiency at the forefront, providing a high production capacity and personalized adaptation for teams seeking to reach a global audience.


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Pros and Cons


Global video content creation
Serves various sectors
Personalized content creation
Cost-effective solutions
Automated marketing strategies
Low-cost video materials
Faster material testing
Second creation feature
High production capacity
Personalized adaptations for teams
Serves global audiences
Broad market scope
Decision-making streamlined
Time-saving feature
Great for e-commerce
Ideal for app products
Suitable for short drama productions
Optimized for mobile games
Product form entry
Target market entry
Potential customer characteristic entry
Large scale content creation
Low-rates solutions
Facilitates overseas growth
Unique offering for Chinese teams
Insights based on big data


Limited language support
No API integration
Limited customization options
Lacks editing tools
No clear data privacy
Limited format export options
Compliance risks (various sectors)
Doesn't support all video formats
High dependence on input quality


What is Ourea?
What sectors does Ourea serve?
How does Ourea use AI to broaden market scope?
How cost-effective are solutions provided by Ourea?
How does Ourea automate the creation of marketing strategies?
What information do I need to enter into Ourea?
What is the second creation feature in Ourea?
How does Ourea facilitate faster material testing?
How can Ourea be used for app products and mobile games?
How does Ourea assist in short drama production?
Can Ourea be useful for closed-loop ecommerce and brand ecommerce?
How does Ourea benefit global material services?
How does Ourea personalize content?
How high is the production capacity of Ourea?
How useful is Ourea for global video content creation?
Does Ourea equip teams for reaching a global audience?
What aspects of target market and customer characteristics does Ourea consider?
What is Ourea's approach towards cost-efficiency?
Does Ourea allow to save time by adapting existing materials?
How can Ourea help in generating low-cost video materials?

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