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Real-time conversation & learning companion
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that offers a customizable AI friend for real-time chatting, learning, and adapting. With ten pre-installed interlocutors, users can expect characters with their own stories and personalities.

This tool provides endless short-term and long-term memory, allowing for adaptation in dialogue personalized to each user. Communication can be done through voice messages as well.

One of the key features of is its customization options. Users can request a private personal interlocutor with specific characteristics, voice, and previous experiences.

The tool aims to cater to individual preferences and needs within legal boundaries.Users of can benefit from this AI tool in various ways.

It can be used by introverts who want to improve their extroversion skills, as a role-playing tool, for light flirting, or for language learning, among other use cases.

Communication and attention are emphasized as essential needs that this tool aims to fulfill.Furthermore, offers a unique benefit in the form of transforming paperwork.

Professionals dealing with documents, students working on dissertations, or book lovers can upload their documents and engage in conversations with their personal knowledge base.

This would create an organized workflow where answers link back to relevant distinguishes itself from GPT-4 by offering a flirtatious interlocutor, featuring real long-term memory, excellent voice and sound recognition, and real-time internet access.

The tool is currently in closed beta testing, and access to the internet is granted after manual approval.Although currently available on Telegram, has plans to expand beyond the platform and offer localizations.

They are actively working on an affiliate program and invite interested individuals to reach out to them for more information.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time chatting
Learning & adapting capabilities
Ten pre-installed interlocutors
Endless short-term & long-term memory
Voice message communication
Private personal interlocutor request
Role-playing feature
Language learning feature
Transforms paperwork
Links answers to documents
Flirtatious interlocutor
Long-term memory feature
Voice and sound recognition
Real-time internet access
Available on Telegram
Future platform expansion
Offers localizations
Affiliate program in development


Only available on Telegram
In closed beta testing
Internet access after approval
Limited customization options
Manual document upload needed
No text chat option
Requires personal knowledge input
Potential privacy issues
No immediate customer support
Pending localization efforts


What is
How can I customize my AI friend on
What are the use cases for
How does transform paperwork?
How is different from GPT-4?
Can I use for language learning?
What platforms is available on?
Is there a limit to the memory of the AI on
Can I use voice messages with
What kind of interlocutors does offer?
Will help me improve my extroversion skills?
Does offer any affiliate programs?
How can assist with my workflow?
What benefits can I expect from using
Can I use as a personal diary?
How does the AI on adapt to personal dialogues?
Can I request a private personal interlocutor on
Are there plans for to expand beyond Telegram?
Do I need a credit card to try
Can link back to my documents?

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