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Prompt management platform for team collaboration.
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Promptly is an AI prompt management tool designed specifically for AI product teams. It allows teams to develop, test, version, execute, and retrieve prompts across multiple AI providers.

With Promptly, teams can release prompts with confidence by separating them into projects for easier development and release processes. The tool also provides rock solid APIs that enable users to easily retrieve, search, and execute prompts from reliable APIs.

It even offers the option to call AI providers on behalf of users. Change tracking is a key feature of Promptly, allowing users to view the history of prompts, revert to previous versions, and compare changes.

The tool also supports variable replacement, allowing teams to build variables into prompts and replace them at execute time for predictably personalized responses.

Promptly centralizes and simplifies prompt development by providing a single platform to write and manage all prompts. It offers integration with multiple providers, making it easy to call prompts from a single platform.

Security is a priority, with 100% guaranteed reliable prompt storage.With Promptly, teams can view changes made to prompts, track prompt parameters and revisions, quickly revert to prior versions, and continue building.

The tool streamlines the process of building prompt infrastructures by providing a secure place to store AI provider configurations, collaborate on prompt development, test responses, and call prompts via APIs.

Promptly differentiates itself by being a cloud-hosted, collaborative prompt management platform focused on AI products and teams, as opposed to individual prompts.

It offers features such as team management, change tracking, and variable replacement.


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Pros and Cons


Team collaboration
Develop/test prompts
Version control
Offers APIs
Change tracking
History review of prompts
Version comparison
Variable replacement
Centralized prompt development
Reliable prompt storage
Supported by multiple providers
Changes tracking
Parameters tracking
Individual projects separation
APIs to retrieve prompts
APIs to execute prompts
Collaborative writing prompts
Prompt response testing
Secure provider configuration storage
Team management features


No desktop version
Lack of flat prompt organization
Collaborative focus might hinder individual users
Not designed as playgrounds
No prompt marketplace
Team collaborations may lead to confusion
Complex UI for beginners
Necessity of API knowledge


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Which AI providers does Promptly integrate with?
Does Promptly offer any APIs?
How does Promptly facilitate team management?
What makes Promptly different from other prompt management tools?
What kind of security does Promptly offer for prompt storage?
Can I view the history of prompts in Promptly?
Can I revert to previous versions of prompts using Promptly?
Can I execute prompts directly from Promptly?
How does Promptly facilitate the testing of prompt responses?
Does Promptly offer support for individual prompts or team projects?
What do the customers say about Promptly?
What does the Promptly UI feel like?
Can Promptly be used to store AI provider configurations?
Who should consider using Promptly?

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