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Automated quiz generator with grading
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Qz.kraft is an AI-powered Quiz Generator that enables users to create and launch customized quizzes, polls, and notes. It offers a user-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality to create quizzes from PDF or Doc files.

The tool allows users to upload their content in various formats, including .docx, .pdf, and .txt. Qz.kraft offers both subjective and objective question types, providing an editable field for multiple-choice questions as well as open-ended questions.One notable feature of Qz.kraft is its automated grading system, which eliminates bias and human error by automatically assigning weighted points or certificates based on pre-determined answer keys.

The tool also facilitates one-click publication of quizzes, ensuring seamless compatibility across all devices.Qz.kraft offers seamless integration with multiple learning management systems and marketing platforms through embedding, APIs, or webhooks.

Real-time analytics feature allows for tracking of quiz takers, results, and performance, enabling both individual and group analysis to aid in the learning process.Designed to enhance the learning journey, Qz.kraft provides educators with effortless quiz creation, custom quiz options, and instant AI grading for timely feedback.

It also offers proctor-based online exams for fair assessments, seamless student enrollment, and progress tracking. For students, Qz.kraft provides AI-powered interactive quizzes for dynamic learning experiences, efficient automated exams for better preparation and assessment, and instant feedback.


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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Drag and drop functionality
Supports various formats (.docx, .pdf, .txt)
Offers subjective and objective questions
Editable fields for questions
Automated grading system
One-click quiz publication
Compatible across all devices
Integration with multiple learning management systems
Integration with marketing platforms
Embedding, APIs, or webhooks supported
Real-time analytics
Track quiz takers, results, performance
Allows individual and group analysis
Effortless quiz creation from documents
Custom quiz options
Proctor-based, secure online exams
Seamless student enrolment
Progress tracking
Efficient automated exams
Instant feedback
Track performance
Identify strengths and improve with analytics
Accessible quiz and exam platforms
Subscription plans for different needs
Supports word or text file formats
Document upload limit flexibility depending on subscription
Choose the number of questions to generate


Only English language support
Doesn't support image files
Limited quiz creation on free account
Limited file size on free account
Potential errors during system use
Limited document upload
Doesn't create questions on images, charts, or diagrams
Content specificity for best results
Manual content deletion


What is Qz.kraft?
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Does Qz.kraft allow customizations while generating quizzes?
What are the question types that Qz.kraft can generate?
Does Qz.kraft offer real-time analytics?
How does Qz.kraft ensure compatibility across all devices?
Can I integrate Qz.kraft with other learning management systems or marketing platforms?
Can Qz.kraft be used for both subjective and objective quizzes?
What is the process of creating a quiz in Qz.kraft?
How does Qz.kraft facilitate online exams?
Can Qz.kraft provide instant feedback for students?
Does Qz.kraft support image files for content upload?
Is there a limit on the number or size of files I can upload on Qz.kraft?
Can I modify the number of questions in a quiz generated by Qz.kraft?
Can I edit or modify the automatically generated questions and answers in Qz.kraft?
How can I download the generated questions and answers in Qz.kraft?
Does Qz.kraft offer different plans for personal and enterprise use?
Is there a trial period for using Qz.kraft?
Is the uploaded content for quiz generation stored in Qz.kraft's system?

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