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Job seeker resume customization and creation.
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Resume-Now is an AI-powered tool that provides professional resume help. It offers a free resume builder that makes it easy to create a well-formatted and customized resume quickly.

The tool includes recruiter-approved examples, templates, and expert writing tips that are tailored to the specific job you want. With Resume-Now's builder, users can create beautifully-designed resumes in minutes.Some key features of Resume-Now include field-tested templates that have helped over 1 million people get interviews, flawlessly formatted resumes that adjust automatically when content is added or deleted, and AI-powered content suggestions written by resume experts that can be added to the resume with a single click.

The tool also allows users to customize their resumes in real-time within the builder and provides application tracking to notify users when their resume has been viewed by a hiring manager.Resume-Now also offers additional features such as resume checks to catch and correct any typos or grammar errors, human review to ensure the resume is reviewed by an expert before submitting an application, and expert tips and advice from industry insiders to optimize the job search process.The tool provides a wide range of resume templates suitable for different job roles, experience levels, and industries, including options for ATS-friendly templates.

Users can also access over 900 real-world examples of resumes and cover letters for reference.Overall, Resume-Now is a comprehensive resume help tool that combines technology and expertise to assist job seekers in creating professional and effective resumes.


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Resume-Now was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 21st 2023.
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