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Samurai AI is a read-it-later mobile app that specializes in creating artificial intelligence (AI) summaries of various types of content, including web articles, YouTube videos, and TED talks.

The AI leverages profound learning algorithms to condense these materials into concise and insightful summaries, saving users time while not compromising on the key insights that the content offers.

Using a browser extension or the app's sharing menu, users can easily save any material they find worthwhile. To facilitate a truly read-it-later flow, the app keeps the distractions to a minimum, allowing for a continuous reading experience of the AI summaries of all saved materials.

The app also offers a rewarding experience by encouraging users to achieve an empty read-it-later list as an end goal, further enriching their knowledge database day by day.

While the initial release of the app will offer text summaries only, the introduction of audio summaries is planned for future updates. The app is set to be launched on both iOS and Android platforms.

There will be a free trial initially to help users understand the benefits of using Samurai AI, after which a monthly subscription plan will be implemented.


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Dec 13, 2023
Looking good in terms of saving time. Do you guys plan to add AI RSS summaries or that does not qualify for your project?
Dec 16, 2023
Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we will continue to grow the list of supported content that can be summarized and saved for later reading. RSS is on our radar as a newsletter.
Dec 8, 2023
Looks like a great Pocket alternative
Dec 16, 2023
Yes, it's time to change the status quo of read-it-later apps!
Dec 7, 2023
“Damn, this is what I was waiting for! I’m tired of burying myself in my saves and jumping between telegram, browser and 100,500 other applications. My God, guys, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out. What a great idea.”
Dec 16, 2023
Thanks for the support! We feel all this ourselves and that's why started this project. Keep up with our updates ;)
Dec 7, 2023
We've struggled with read/watch later lists for too long. None of the current read-it-later apps provides a truly AI-first experience to deal with day-to-day content overload. With your help, we are going to make the best modern productivity tool that will be the must-have app on your device. (With 🧡 from Samurai AI team)

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes various content types
Includes video summarization
Uses profound learning algorithms
Browser extension support
Offers distraction-free reading
Encourages zero backlog reading
Future update for audio summaries
Cross-platform availability (iOS, Android)
Free trial for usage understanding
Monthly subscription post-trial
Saving feature in reading list
Efficient summary of lengthy content
Educational content optimized
No fluff, only key insights
Single click save function
Read without unnecessary interruptions
Rewarding read-it-later experience
Applicable for interview/news content
Plans for catchy audio format


Monthly subscription required
No audio summaries initially
Dependent on browser extension
Only generates summaries
Requires continuous reading
Mandatory read-later list
Validity of summaries unclear
Requires internet connection
No offline reading mentioned
Reading list never empty


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Will Samurai AI offer audio summaries in future updates?
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