Avatars 03 May 2023
Selfie Vibe
Diverse filtered avatars for social media.

Generated by ChatGPT

Selfie Vibe is an AI tool for generating diverse avatars from a single photograph. With the ability to produce thousands of self-portraits in styles like cyberpunk, role-playing, anime, cosplay, Disney filters, and ID photos, Selfie Vibe provides users with an opportunity to step into their dreams and make them a reality.

The tool is user-friendly and operates by uploading a photo which is instantly transformed into a customizable avatar. Selfie Vibe's AI algorithms generate avatars in a wide variety of styles and filter effects, and the gallery is updated daily, providing users with new avatar options to choose from.

The tool is not limited to a specific gender, with male and female filter effects available. Selfie Vibe provides a simple pricing scheme, charging 3 credits per original uploaded image and all subsequent avatars generated from the same image are free.

This tool is versatile and can be used in various industries such as gaming, social media, and online forums, as it allows for customization and fresh design options.

Overall, Selfie Vibe is a creative AI tool that eliminates the need for technical design skills while providing users with a seamless, customizable avatar generator.

Selfie Vibe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 1st 2023.
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Vicente de Paula
· Jul 16, 2023
Bought 5 credits and every time I try to generate, it says I have a wifi problem... so far not so good.

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Pros and Cons


Generates diverse avatars
Multiple style options
User-friendly interface
Instant avatar transformation
Customizable avatars
Daily updated gallery
Gender inclusive
Simple pricing scheme
Supports various industries
No technical skills required
From one upload
Free subsequent avatars
Anime style available
Cosplay style available
Disney filters available
Cyberpunk style available
Facilitates role-playing
ID photo filter
Gallery has fresh designs
Quick avatar production
Cost-effective avatar generation


Charges for original uploaded image
No API mentioned
Limited filtering options
Daily gallery updates may be slow
No obvious collaborative features
Potential privacy concerns with uploaded images
No mobile app mentioned
Customization options may be limited
No multilingual support mentioned


What is Selfie Vibe?
How does Selfie Vibe work?
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What are the unique styles or filters that Selfie Vibe offers?
How often does the Selfie Vibe gallery update with new avatar options?
Can Selfie Vibe create both male and female avatars?
How much does Selfie Vibe cost per image?
Can I generate multiple avatars from a single image for free after the initial upload on Selfie Vibe?
In what industries or areas can Selfie Vibe be utilized?
Do I need any technical design skills to use Selfie Vibe?
How can I upload a photo on Selfie Vibe?
What happens if I upload an incomplete face on Selfie Vibe?
Can Selfie Vibe create avatars styled like famous celebrities?
Is there a limit to the number of styles I can apply to one photo on Selfie Vibe?
Does Selfie Vibe only generate human avatars or can it create anime and game character styles too?
Can I use Selfie Vibe to create avatars for my gaming profile?
Does Selfie Vibe have a desktop version or is it purely mobile-based?
Can I create my Tinder profile picture using Selfie Vibe?
What are some creative uses of Selfie Vibe other than social media and gaming profiles?

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