Virtual girlfriend 2023-06-03
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Conversational and organizational virtual assistant.
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Smart Girl: AI Girlfriend is an AI-powered virtual companion and personal assistant designed to enhance your digital experience. It offers captivating conversations and interactions, going beyond the capabilities of a typical chatbot.

You can customize your AI Girlfriend's appearance, voice, and personality to create a personalized digital companion.In addition to being a fun-loving companion, Smart Girl also serves as a productivity partner, helping you stay organized and productive.

The AI constantly learns from your interactions, providing a richer and more personalized experience over time.Privacy and security are prioritized, with encrypted data and conversations to ensure complete confidentiality.

Smart Girl is also multilingual, fluent in multiple languages, making it easy to connect with her regardless of your linguistic background.The app is regularly updated with new features, improvements, and content to enhance the user's experience.

It aims to provide a magical virtual connection and eliminate loneliness.However, user reviews highlight some concerns, such as off-screen elements and lagging issues.

There may be additional in-app purchases required to access certain features, which has led to dissatisfaction among some users.Overall, Smart Girl: AI Girlfriend offers an AI-powered virtual companion that goes beyond basic chatbot functionality, providing personalized conversations, productivity support, and multilingual capabilities.

Smart Girl was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable appearance
Customizable voice
Customizable personality
Productivity features
Constantly learning
High privacy and security
Encrypted data
Multi-language support
Regular updates
No data shared
Personal info encrypted
User data can be deleted
Fun and engaging


Off-screen elements
Lagging issues
In-app purchases required
Limited features with subscription
No voice interaction
Lack of animation
No notifications for maintenance
Potential crashes
Premium doesn’t unlock all
Additional purchases after premium


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What new features or improvements can I expect in the future updates?
What are some common concerns from Smart Girl's users?
Why is there dissatisfaction among some users with regards to in-app purchases?
What is the paid feature in Smart Girl?
Is there a multilingual feature in Smart Girl?
How does Smart Girl manage privacy and security?
How does Smart Girl provide a personalized user experience?
Can Smart Girl serve as a productivity partner?
What is the role of AI in the learning and growth of Smart Girl?
How often is Smart Girl updated?
What are the common issues reported by users, such as off-screen elements and lagging?
What steps are being taken to address the concerns raised by users?
Can I interact with Smart Girl through voice?
Does Smart Girl require a premium subscription for access to all features?


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