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Solidly summarizes and tracks Slack messages for PM.
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SolidlyAI is an AI-powered project management assistant that helps users summarize and track their Slack messages, providing them with critical context when needed which reduces meeting times and increases productivity.

The main objective of this tool is to decrease distractions and save time by ensuring that users stay updated on essential messages and information while still focusing deeply on essential tasks.

SolidlyAI prompts team members for updates, sends custom briefs to partner teams, and summarizes messages for users. It also listens to messages, allowing users to turn off notifications and reduce distractions.

SolidlyAI addresses the problem of nonstop pings, meetings, and overall distractions that often hinder team productivity by leveraging AI to track important details and reduce the amount of time spent on catching up.

The tool's approach involves providing users with critical information when they need it, minimizing distractions and increasing their freedom to focus.

SolidlyAI serves as an assistant that allows users to save time and avoid wasting effort on redundant and unimportant tasks thereby increasing overall productivity.

Its focus on providing context on Slack messages ultimately results in users gaining hours of valuable time back each day. Overall, SolidlyAI is an efficient tool that AI cataloguers should consider promoting in their directories for teams that want to improve their productivity and stay focused on essential tasks.

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes and tracks Slack messages
Increases productivity
Reduces distractions
Prompts team members for updates
Sends custom briefs
Turn off notifications feature
Minimizes meeting times
Provides context for messages
Saves time
Improves focus on essential tasks
Decreases effort on redundant tasks
Daily time saver
Improves communication efficiency
Reduces pings and distractions
Less time in Slack
Fewer unnecessary meetings
Facilitates deep work
Detailed message tracking
Automated stakeholder updates
Automated stand ups
Reduces email distractions
Streamlines information management
Saves personal time
Bridges communication gaps
Prioritizes important information
Efficient message summarization
Eliminates redundancy
Maximizes team focus
Boosts overall productivity
User-friendly interface
Customizable alerts and updates
Improved attention management
Helpful for remote teams
Optimized for project management


Only for Slack
No mobile application
May violate privacy
Raises data security concerns
Reliant on constant internet
Could overlook important messages
No customization options
Requires detailed tagging system
Potential loss of context


What is SolidlyAI?
How does SolidlyAI summarize and track Slack messages?
Can SolidlyAI help increase productivity?
How does SolidlyAI decrease distractions?
What kind of updates does SolidlyAI prompt team members for?
How does SolidlyAI help reduce meeting times?
What is the main purpose of SolidlyAI?
How does SolidlyAI use AI to improve project management?
Can SolidlyAI send custom briefs to partner teams?
Does SolidlyAI allow users to turn off notifications?
What type of messages does SolidlyAI listen to?
Does SolidlyAI save time in Slack?
Who can benefit from using SolidlyAI?
Can SolidlyAI help me focus on more important tasks?
What is the SolidlyAI approach to managing tasks?
Does SolidlyAI eliminate the need for live meetings?
Can SolidlyAI help me get more personal time?
How does SolidlyAI boost team productivity?
What are some unique features of SolidlyAI?
How can SolidlyAI help me stay up-to-date with my slack messages?

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