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Automated job application cover letter writer.
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Tally.Work is an AI cover letter generator that allows users to quickly create a cover letter based on a resume and job description. The tool uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify relevant skills, experience, accomplishments, and passions from the resume and job description, then composes an almost complete cover letter for the user to edit and add to.

It is a fast and intuitive way to create a cover letter, saving users time and effort. It is important to note that the AI is good, but not perfect, and users should make sure to customize the cover letter after generating it.

To ensure the best output, users should cut out irrelevant experience from their resume and remove unnecessary text from the job description. Tally.Work is a division of and is subject to their Privacy Policy.

Tally.Work was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick cover letter generation
Natural language processing
Machine learning algorithms
Identifies relevant skills
Detects notable accomplishments
Incorporates user's passions
User-friendly interface
Saves time and effort
Requires minimal user input
Generates editable text
Works with resumes and descriptions
Practices good privacy policy
Variable input fields
Fast processing speed
Assists in job applications
Encourages user customization
Identifies unusual formatting
Provides error feedback
Functional with word processors
Guides on content trimming
Streamlined functionality
Part of
Supports document repasting
Generates draft in seconds
Guides on input best practices
Shared on ProductHunt
Suggests editing for best results


Requires resume and job description
Lacks personalization
Limited to text input
No formatting support
Requires user editing
Depends on quality of input
May neglect necessary details
No additional resources provided
Reliance on a specific privacy policy
No referral or portfolio support


What is Tally.Work?
How does Tally.Work create cover letters?
What algorithms does Tally.Work use?
How long does it take for Tally.Work to generate a cover letter?
How can I optimize my cover letter output on Tally.Work?
What information is needed to generate a cover letter using Tally.Work?
Is it safe to use Tally.Work?
Is Tally.Work free to use?
What should I do after Tally.Work generates the cover letter?
Why should I customize the cover letter after Tally.Work generates it?
What's the role of machine learning and natural language processing in Tally.Work?
How can I ensure the best output from Tally.Work?
Can Tally.Work identify my skills and accomplishments from my resume?
What are common errors when using Tally.Work?
Is Tally.Work applicable for any job title?
In which format should I paste my resume and job description on Tally.Work?
Can Tally.Work handle long resumes or job descriptions?
How can Tally.Work help me save time and effort in my job search?
What kind of details can Tally.Work extract from my job description?
Who owns and operates Tally.Work?


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