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Large Language Models (LLMs) management and evaluation
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Terracotta is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to experiment with Large Language Models (LLMs) quickly and efficiently. With Terracotta, users can manage multiple fine-tuned models in one place, enabling them to iterate and improve their models rapidly.

The tool provides qualitative and quantitative evaluation features, allowing users to compare model outputs and evaluate performance using various metrics such as accuracy, BLEU, and confusion matrices.One of the key functionalities of Terracotta is the ability to upload data securely, which is crucial for the fine-tuning process.

Users can store their data on the platform and later use it to fine-tune their models for both classification and text generation tasks. The fine-tuning process is simplified, requiring just a few clicks to get started.Terracotta also offers a seamless integration with popular LLM providers such as OpenAI and Cohere, giving users the flexibility to connect and work with different providers within the platform.Terracotta was created by Beri Kohen and Lucas Pauker, both Stanford AI graduates with a passion for LLMs.

As a tool designed by experts in the field, Terracotta promises to streamline the LLM development workflow and make it more accessible to users. Sign up for their email list to stay updated on their latest developments.


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Pros and Cons


Manage multiple LLMs
Rapid model iteration
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation
Secure data upload
Simplified fine-tuning process
Supports text generation tasks
Supports classification tasks
Comparative model outputs
Variety of evaluation metrics
Supports accuracy evaluations
Supports BLEU evaluations
Supports confusion matrices
Good for fine-tuning models
Fast model experimentation
Email updates
Easy-to-use platform
Can store data for fine-tuning
Data security during the fine-tuning process


Limited LLM provider integrations
Mandatory data upload requirement
Fine-tuning only through platform
No local data processing
Limited evaluation metrics
Lacks data pre-processing tools
No multi-language support
Not open source
No API description
No offline mode


What is Terra Cotta?
How does Terra Cotta manage Large Language Models (LLMs)?
How can I use Terra Cotta for LLM development?
What are the key features of Terra Cotta?
How do Terra Cotta's qualitative and quantitative evaluation tools work?
Can I store my data securely on Terra Cotta?
How does the data upload process work in Terra Cotta?
Can Terra Cotta help me fine-tune models for text generation and classification tasks?
Which LLM providers does Terra Cotta integrate with?
Who created Terra Cotta and what are their qualifications?
What makes Terra Cotta an easy-to-use platform?
How does Terra Cotta aid in iterating and improving models?
How can I sign up for Terra Cotta?
What kind of metrics does Terra Cotta use for performance evaluation?
Can I compare model outputs within Terra Cotta?
Is Terra Cotta capable of managing multiple fine-tuned models?
How does the LLM fine-tuning process function in Terra Cotta?
Can I use Terra Cotta to experiment with different LLM providers?
Can Terra Cotta manage my data during the LLM fine-tuning process?
How can I stay updated on Terra Cotta's latest developments?


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