Document Q&A 12 Mar 2023
Retrieve and validate uploaded document data.

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Toller is an AI-based information retrieval tool developed by It is designed to provide quickly and accurately retrieve information from documents that are uploaded to it.

Users can ask Toller any question related to the documents, and the tool will answer the query in a few seconds. Toller can be integrated into Slack, Discord, or Teams, allowing users to access it without leaving their workspace.One of the essential features of Toller is its advanced AI techniques that analyze the text of the uploaded documents and quickly identify the relevant sources of information.

Toller can help users by retrieving specific quotes, verifying facts, or providing answers related to research papers, legal documents, or technical manuals.Regarding security, Toller has been designed as a compliant system that ensures sensitive information within the organization remains safe and secure at all times.

Only authorized individuals with access to the documents can ask questions through Toller, making sure that confidential data remains protected from unauthorized individuals.

To use Toller, it is as simple as uploading the document, asking a question and receiving an accurate answer. The tool is user-friendly, and its interface is straightforward.

If you need an efficient and reliable information retrieval system, Toller could be a powerful tool for you.

Toller was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick information retrieval
Multiple platform integration
Upload Document features
Q&A capabilities
Supports Research papers
Analyzes legal documents
Scans technical manuals
Role-based security
Organization-specific document access
Accurate information extraction
Fast response time
Ideal for confidential data
Compliant system design
User-friendly interface
Document drop and drag functionality
Bot-based information retrieval
Real-time document analysis
Access on Slack, Discord, or Teams
Selective data access
Suitable for handling sensitive information
Multiple document type support
Facilitates efficient work
Sources link for answers
Detailed referencing
Accessible by authorized individuals
Security-focused application
Supports .pdf and .txt files
Video-to-speech integrations incoming
Free usage on Slack


Only supports .pdf and .txt
Doesn't support Word formats
Doesn't support video-to-speech integration
Role-based access only
Limited to specific workspaces
May require double-checking sources
Limited data privacy options
Free only on Slack


What is Toller by
What does Toller do?
How does Toller handle document retrieval?
How to integrate Toller into workspace tools?
Can Toller retrieve specific information from uploaded documents?
What kinds of documents can Toller handle?
Who can use Toller within an organization?
What security measures does Toller have?
How user-friendly is Toller's interface?
Can Toller retrieve information from research papers or legal documents?
What platforms can Toller be integrated into?
What is the process of using Toller?
Are there any restrictions for the documents uploaded to Toller?
How reliable is the information retrieved by Toller?
Does Toller have any tools for analyzing the text of documents?
Can Toller verify facts in uploaded documents?
Is Toller compliant with data security regulations?
Can unauthorized individuals access information through Toller?
How quickly can Toller retrieve information?
How does Toller handle sensitive information?

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