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Travisnine is an AI-powered platform that allows LinkedIn users to create and schedule engaging posts for their personal branding needs. Its algorithm generates posts at a quick pace, and users can easily edit them before publishing.

Furthermore, the platform enables users to add visuals and links to boost engagement and reach. Travisnine provides a fast and effective LinkedIn content strategy, taking users only five minutes per day to build their professional network and attract new connections with industry professionals.

With Travisnine, users can maximize their LinkedIn potential by becoming lead magnets through attention-grabbing posts. The platform's goal is to revolutionize the LinkedIn game by harnessing AI technology to become a LinkedIn guru.

Travisnine offers a free trial for seven days and a popular plan for $19.99 per month, which includes 150 post generations per month, scheduling options, and the ability to add pictures or links to posts.

However, users can only connect to one LinkedIn account and generate up to 150 posts per month. Any questions regarding the app can be directed to the company's email address.

Overall, Travisnine is a valuable tool for LinkedIn users who want to enhance their personal branding strategies and increase engagement and lead generation for their LinkedIn profiles.

Travisnine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates LinkedIn content quickly
Easy post edits
Enables adding visuals, links
Requires just 5 minutes/day
Maximizes LinkedIn lead generation
7-day free trial
150 post generations/month
Post scheduling options
Add images/links to posts
Effective LinkedIn content strategy
Builds professional network
Single LinkedIn account connection
Posts up to 150/month
Industry professionals networking
Email support for queries
Optimal post engagement
Potential for viral posts
Package at $19.99/month
Questions directed via email


Limited to 150 posts/month
Only connects to one LinkedIn account
No multiple account support
No direct customer support
Lack of advanced pricing plans
Only for LinkedIn platform
No diversity in content generation
No detailed post-analytics
Limited post scheduling (30 days)
Limited customization options


What does Travisnine do?
How does Travisnine help with personal branding on LinkedIn?
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Can I add images or links to posts created with Travisnine?
How does Travisnine increase engagement and leads on my LinkedIn profile?
What plans does Travisnine offer?
Does Travisnine come with a free trial?
Can I edit the posts generated by Travisnine?
How quickly does Travisnine generate LinkedIn posts?
Can I schedule posts on Travisnine?
How many posts per month can I generate with Travisnine?
Can I connect more than one LinkedIn account to Travisnine?
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
How can I contact Travisnine's support team?
Can I use Travisnine to grow my professional network?
Who is Travisnine suitable for?
How reliable is the AI technology used by Travisnine?
What information do I need to provide to start generating posts on Travisnine?
Can Travisnine publish my posts for optimal engagement and reach?

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