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Content creation and accessibility solution.
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UTRRR is a text-to-speech (TTS) tool that offers a diverse library of voices to convert written text into natural-sounding speech. It provides an extensive collection of over 700 voices in 70 languages and accents.

These voices are powered by artificial intelligence and include realistic options from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. The tool allows users to generate text-to-speech audio in seconds and download it in either mp3 or WAV format, compatible with any device.

UTRRR's TTS service enables various applications, such as improving accessibility by narrating important announcements or providing audio versions of newsletters to reduce eye screen time.

It is also useful for creating engaging content, including voice-over narration for presentations, videos on platforms like YouTube, or e-learning courses.

Additionally, it offers benefits in cost efficiency, particularly for audiobook narration, serving as a cheaper alternative to hiring professional narrators.

UTRRR allows users to create courses, interactive voice responses, and telephony scripts with ease, eliminating the need for repeated voice actor hiring.

With user-friendly features, UTRRR allows for customization options such as adjusting voice speed and merging audio files with different voices. The tool also offers secure storage for synthesized audio files, ensuring easy management and future editing.

UTRRR aims to provide high-quality audio files at competitive prices, making it an accessible and versatile solution for text-to-speech needs.

UTRRR was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 2nd 2023.
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User Profile PictureJuan Miguel Andal
ยท Nov 29, 2023
I got this from appsumo, this was one of the best TTS in my opinion but they have lost the ability to use azure voices which are the most human like voices. What's left sound robotic. Also, generation starts to slow down when many conversations are generated. Azure voices have been down for about a month now and it feels useless now.

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Pros and Cons


Over 700 voice options
70 languages and accents
Realistic voices from leading companies
mp3 and WAV formats output
improves accessibility and engagement
Cost-efficient alternative for narrations
easy creation of courses, scripts
User-friendly customizable features
Secure storage for audio files
High-quality audio at competitive prices
Integration with widely used languages
Voice variations fitting different contexts
Easy-to-use for content transformation
No rehiring necessary for script changes
Quick creation of interactive voices
Convenient audio file management
Supports both MP3 and WAV
Merges different voices
Highly positive user reviews
Option to adjust voice speed
Easy integration in social platforms
User interface receptive to improvements


Only MP3 and WAV formats
No API offered
Doesn't support voice cloning
Limited customization options
No lifetime package available
Possibly slower response time
Not suited for fine-tuning
Storage security details unclear
No feedback process after edits
Purchases are non-refundable


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