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Efficient SaaS deployment and management solution.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered SaaS finder and manager that provides a comprehensive solution for developers and enterprises to efficiently handle various aspects of SaaS applications.

Its features encompass managing permissions, costs, compliance, security, and automation.With over 20,000 built-in SaaS products available in the Workflos AppStore, users can easily explore and find suitable solutions for their needs.

Deployment is facilitated through seamless integration with Single Sign-On, Identity Provisioning, and a wide range of workflow templates.Workflos enables users to efficiently manage both internal and external apps, addressing shadow IT problems, improving security, and ensuring compliance.

It also offers the capability to build enterprise-ready applications, providing a full-stack of authentication, authorization, directory, and audit logging functionalities.The tool integrates with various categories, such as AIGC, HR, Collaboration & Productivity, Analytics, Marketing, CRM, Security, and Commerce, allowing users to leverage a wide range of applications within their ecosystem.Additionally, Workflos assists in selling apps by providing precise targeting capabilities at a lower cost.

Its resources include a blog, documentation, API explorer, status updates, and pricing information.Overall, is an efficient AI-assisted tool that significantly simplifies the process of finding, deploying, managing, and building SaaS applications, ultimately leading to cost savings, improved productivity, enhanced security, and compliance for businesses.

Workflos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


20,000 built-in SaaS products
Seamless SaaS deployment
Integrated single sign-on
Identity Provisioning
Workflow templates
Manages internal, external apps
Addresses shadow IT problems
Enhances security and compliance
Full-stack of authentication
Full-stack of authorization
Directory and audit logging
Integration with multiple categories
Facilitates selling apps
Lower-cost app targeting
Wide range of applications
Blog, API and documentation
Offers cost savings
Improves productivity
Natural language SaaS finding
Multi-factor authentication
Universal directory
Fine-grained authorization
Customizable audit logs
Resourceful blog
Precise targeting for selling
Sync with multiple identity providers
Supports SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect
Supports OAuth 2.0, CAS protocols
Integrates with AD, LDAP, HRIS
Real-time access control
Seamless integration with HR systems
Integrated SaaS management solution
Helps in finding suitable SaaS applications
Safe and secure software
Detailed status updates and pricing information


No Free Plan Options
Unclear update timeline
No mobile app
Limited third-party integrations
No offline access
Lack of customization options
Limited analytics capability
No multi-language support
Unclear security measures
No explicit GDPR compliance


What is
How does manage permissions of different SaaS applications?
What kind of security measures does implement?
Can help with compliance issues?
How does the automation feature in work?
How many SaaS products does integrate with?
What categories of apps does support?
How does facilitate the deployment of SaaS applications?
Does offer the capability to build enterprise-ready applications?
How can I sell my apps through
Does provide documentation to help with the usage of the platform?
What is the cost of using
How does assist in finding the right SaaS product for my business?
What type of analytics tools does integrate with?
Does provide a workable solution for managing both internal and external applications?
How does address shadow IT problems?
Can I explore SaaS products by their alphabets on
How does the identity provisioning feature in operate?
How does help in improving the productivity of my company?
How does Workflos's AI assistant assist with managing SaaS applications?

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