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Streamlined email organization and drafting.
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Zenn is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to help users efficiently compose, reply to, and manage email messages. Powered by ChatGPT technology, Zenn can compose email messages in one click, allowing users to save time and effort.

The tool is easy-to-use, and users can give minimal direction while the extension composes emails and nudges them to follow up. Furthermore, Zenn can reply to emails with positive or negative answers and provide a range of ideas for complex emails.

The AI tool can learn from the user, improving performance over time.Apart from composing emails, Zenn also translates messages into 50 languages, corrects spelling and grammar, rephrases text, modifies tone, and adjusts message length.

By using Zenn, users can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce writer's block while focusing on more strategic tasks. Zenn offers users four pricing plans: FREE, Personal ($7.95/month or $85.95/year for up to 50 email messages), Professional ($15.95/month or $155.95/year for up to 150 email messages), and Professional Plus ($18.95/month or $195.95/year for up to 500 email messages).

Zenn is trusted by leading brands, and users have testified to the effectiveness of the tool in increasing efficiency and enhancing email communication.

Zenn was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
One-click email composition
Minimal direction needed
Scheduled follow-up nudges
Positive or negative responses
Provides response ideas
Performance improves over time
Translates into 50 languages
Inbuilt spelling and grammar correction
Rephrases text
Modifies message tone
Adjusts message length
Reduces writer's block
Increases efficiency
Saves time
Multiple pricing plans
Used by leading brands
Streamlines email organization
Helps craft complex replies
Data-driven suggestion
Adapts to personal style
Free plan available
Monthly & yearly subscriptions
Easy-to-use UI
Automated replies
Quick installation
Compatible on multiple devices
Regular updates
Professional email drafting
Supports up to 500 emails per month
Custom price for enterprises
Secure site for purchases
Option to cancel subscription anytime
Billing information protection
User-friendly for non-technical users
Community and support available
Helps brainstorm answers
Crafts gentle follow-up nudges
Pocket-friendly pricing


Only for Chrome
Limited free usage
Expensive for higher usage
Learning curve
Only for Gmail
No refunds
No offline access
Message limits
Limited language corrections


What is Zenn?
How does Zenn work?
How does Zenn use AI technology?
What is the ChatGPT technology that powers Zenn?
How can Zenn save my time and effort?
Does Zenn offer language translation?
What other features does Zenn offer besides email drafting and organization?
How does Zenn learn from user interactions?
How much does Zenn cost?
What are the different price plans Zenn offers?
Does Zenn offer a free trial?
How many emails can I compose or manage with each Zenn subscription plan?
What browsers support Zenn?
Hows does Zenn help to follow up on emails?
How can Zenn assist me with complex emails?
How secure is Zenn for managing my emails?
Is Zenn trusted by leading brands?
How does Zenn offer language translation service in emails?
How can Zenn help me with spelling and grammar correction?
How does Zenn adjust the tone or length of my message?


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