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Optimized candidate evaluation for recruitment.
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Candidquiz is an AI-driven candidate Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software that revolutionizes the recruitment process. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Candidquiz provides accurate candidate insights, optimizing the hiring process.Unlike traditional keyword-based ATS systems, Candidquiz employs AI-powered human recognition technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of processing job applicant information.

It streamlines recruitment with user-friendly application forms and effortlessly processes CVs and cover letters.The software assesses candidates on more than 15 data points, providing a holistic view of their potential.

It boasts advanced language understanding capabilities, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of candidate fit.Candidquiz goes beyond just processing information.

It generates candidate summaries that condense multi-page CVs and cover letters into concise bullet points. Additionally, it produces automated reports for each candidate, simplifying the evaluation process.One of the standout features of Candidquiz is its ability to remove subconscious bias from the recruitment process using AI.

By doing so, it promotes fairer and more objective candidate selection.The software's upcoming features include AI-powered video interviews, where it can autonomously conduct first-stage interviews.

It also offers the creation of unique technical quizzes tailored to specific roles, assisting in the matching of skills to credentials.With Candidquiz, businesses can experience significant savings in time and resources, with a reduction of up to 70% in HR processing time.

Overall, Candidquiz takes recruitment to the next level with its cutting-edge AI technology, enhancing efficiency and accuracy while ensuring fairness in the hiring process.


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Pros and Cons


Accurate candidate insights
User-friendly application forms
Effortless CV processing
More than 15 data points
Advanced language understanding
Generates candidate summaries
Produces automated reports
Removes subconscious bias
Creation of unique quizzes
70% reduction HR time
Processing time under 60sec
Turn-around time 1 week
24h application processing
Holistic candidate view
Promotes fair selection
Streamlined recruitment process


No mobile application
Lacks API integration
No third-party integrations
No live support
Commits to bias-free work but lacks clear explanation of how bias is detected or controlled
Limited languages support
Upcoming features aren't fully implemented
No free trial


What is Candidquiz?
How does Candidquiz work?
What is the standout feature of Candidquiz?
How does Candidquiz's AI algorithm assess a candidate?
Can Candidquiz process CVs and cover letters?
What data points does Candidquiz look at when evaluating a candidate?
What does the candidate summary provided by Candidquiz include?
What kinds of reports does Candidquiz generate for each candidate?
How does Candidquiz help in removing subconscious bias?
What's the estimated candidate processing time on Candidquiz?
How does Candidquiz contribute to reducing HR processing time?
What upcoming features can we expect from Candidquiz?
How will the AI-powered video interviews work on Candidquiz?
What are unique technical quizzes in Candidquiz?
What is the reasoning behind Candidquiz's focus on natural human language?
Does Candidquiz support any specific industries or positions?
What is the turnaround time from job posting to application processing on Candidquiz?
How does Candidquiz assist in the A-Z of the recruiting process?
Is Candidquiz available for all company sizes?
How can I get in touch with Candidquiz for a consultation?

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