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Automated support & onboarding improvement.
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EazyRAG is a tool powered by ChatGPT technology that focuses on improving customer support and onboarding experiences. It aims to reduce customer support requests by 50% and enhance the onboarding process by providing a 10X improvement.

EazyRAG seamlessly integrates with existing ChatBot providers' user interfaces, making it convenient to implement.One of the key features of EazyRAG is its ability to automate customer support.

By utilizing AI training with help documentation and support tickets, it can provide instant answers to user queries, using citations when necessary. This reduces the need for manual customer support interactions and helps users find answers to their questions more efficiently.EazyRAG also offers enhanced document navigation through its semantic search functionality.

Users can search for documents using natural language queries, and the tool understands the context and meaning behind the search, improving search accuracy.Adding data to EazyRAG is simple and user-friendly, with options such as crawling websites, uploading files, or using the API for data integration.The tool provides a widget that seamlessly integrates with major ChatBot platforms, allowing for a smooth user experience within existing ChatBot interfaces.EazyRAG is available as a limited-time lifetime deal, starting at a price of $59.

Its goal is to enhance the onboarding experience and reduce customer support needs significantly for businesses.


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