Video summaries 07 May 2023
Quickly summarizes video content for easy learning.

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GistVid is a browser extension that extracts the most important information from video content, including key topics, ideas, and trends, and summarizes it into easy-to-read blog entries that capture the essence of the video content.

This tool saves users time that would have been spent watching the full video, improves comprehension, and enables faster learning. GistVid uses GPT-4 enhanced transcript analysis to power its summarizer, resulting in more accurate and informative summaries.

GistVid also enables users to ask questions in plain language and get answers from videos, making it easier to find specific information without having to watch the entire content.

Additionally, the tool supports unlimited summaries with no time restrictions and allows users to edit summaries for personalization. GistVid's API integration allows businesses and organizations to streamline their workflows and integrate its features into their own applications, improving productivity and learning speed.

GistVid offers a straightforward pricing plan for personal and professional use with a lifetime access fee of $39.99, including unlimited summaries, commercial use, and email support.

Overall, GistVid is a useful tool for anyone looking to extract and summarize knowledge from video content, saving time and improving comprehension.

GistVid was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Extracts key video information
GPT-4 enhanced transcript analysis
Summarizes video into blogs
Interactive Q&A feature
Supports unlimited summaries
No time restrictions
Personalizing summary edits
Potential API integration
Streamlines business workflows
One-time payment access
Unlimited commercial use
Provides email support
Aids in faster learning
Improves comprehension
Lifetime access on purchase
Supports various platforms


Only a browser extension
No mobile support
Addon only for Chrome, Firefox
No free version
No multi-user access
Editing summaries not automated
Single pay model
API integration not available yet
No real-time summary
Only supports English language


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What technology does GistVid use for its transcript analysis?
Can I ask questions in GistVid and get answers from videos?
Is there a limit on the number of summaries I can generate with GistVid?
Can I customize or edit the summaries in GistVid?
Does GistVid have an API for integration with other applications?
What are the benefits of using GistVid's API in a business setting?
How much does GistVid cost?
What do you get with a lifetime access purchase of GistVid?
Can GistVid be used for commercial purposes?
How does GistVid contribute to faster learning?
Does GistVid offer email support for users?
What are the platforms upon which I can use GistVid?
Can I use GistVid on both Firefox and Chrome browsers?
How does GistVid improve comprehension of video content?
Does GistVid have a refund policy?
How can I receive future updates from GistVid?
Who can benefit from using GistVid?

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