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Screening developers' culture fit and soft skills.
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GreatFit is an AI tool designed to help hiring managers and founders screen developers for soft skills and culture fit. The tool uses AI chatbots to assess written communication skills and uncover culture-fit signals at scale.

GreatFit takes just a few minutes to set up and helps hiring managers get a read on candidates' soft skills, such as collaboration, mentorship, and feedback-giving.

GreatFit offers three different pricing plans, with the free plan giving users 5 chats per month and the Pro plan giving users 250 chats per month. The tool allows hiring managers and founders to enter the level and tech-stack of the role they need to fill, and then sends an invitation to meet the AI chatbot to hundreds of candidates.

The chatbot then creates a coding problem relevant to the role and values of the organization, and conducts a short interaction to assess the candidate's soft skills.

GreatFit aims to help organizations find a GreatFit, not just a good coder, by filtering out weak communicators at the top of the recruitment funnel. The tool is useful for companies that want to hire better devs without more video calls, and who only have time to meet with 5% of job applicants.

Ultimately, GreatFit helps hiring managers and founders make more informed hiring decisions based on both technical skills and soft skills.


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Greatfit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Screens for soft skills
Assesses written communication skills
Saves time on video calls
Automated chat with candidates
Uncover culture-fit signals
Quick setup process
Offers different pricing plans
Provides chat transcripts
Multiple chats per month
Scales candidate screening process
Role and tech specific assessment
Sends chat invitations automatically
Filters out weak communicators
Custom coding problems creation
Helps hire better devs
Screens collaboration and mentorship
Reduces recruitment funnel noise
Optimized for hiring managers
Optimized for founders
Targets quality over quantity
Time efficiency in recruitment
Highlights critical soft skills

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