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Uncensored conversations platform.
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TruePerson is an uncensored AI chat tool developed by UncensoredLabs. The tool allows users to create their own characters and engage in unlimited conversations without any content restrictions or censorship.

Unlike other chatbots, TruePerson AI claims to be unbiased by fine-tuning its technology. TruePerson AI offers advanced AI features such as text completion, research capabilities, and conversation facilitation.

The tool presents an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and can assist users with various tasks, including homework help, writing stories, and casual chatting.

One of the main advantages of TruePerson AI is its uncensored nature, which enables users to have open and honest conversations without limitations. To start using TruePerson AI, users need to download the app and begin chatting.

If there are any questions or concerns, users can contact the developer at [email protected]. Regarding data safety, the developer claims not to share any data with third parties.

Encryption is applied during data transit, and data cannot be deleted by users. The app's data privacy and security practices may vary depending on the user's region, use, and age.

In summary, TruePerson AI is an uncensored AI chat app that aims to provide unbiased and unrestricted conversations through its advanced AI features and intuitive interface.

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Feb 18, 2024
They (Google)have remove this app from the storr.
Aug 15, 2023
Super inexpensive credits for somewhat intelligent chatbot.

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Pros and Cons


Uncensored conversations
User created characters
Unbiased technology
Text completion feature
Research capabilities
Conversation facilitation
Intuitive interface
Homework help assistance
Story writing assistance
Casual chat option
No content restrictions
Data not shared
Data encryption
In transit data protection
Non-deletable data
Support via email
App download available
Varied data privacy depending on region
No age restrictions on use


Requires download
Data can't be deleted
Privacy varies by region
Contains ads
In-app purchases
No data removal option
Potential content moderation issues
Unsuitable for young users


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What does TruePerson AI's text completion feature do?
What are TruePerson AI's data security measures?
Is my data safe with TruePerson AI?
Can third parties access my conversations on TruePerson AI?
How can I contact the developers of TruePerson AI?
Can I use TruePerson AI for research purposes?
Is the interface of TruePerson AI user-friendly?
Is there any content restriction on TruePerson AI?
Does TruePerson AI offer conversation facilitation?
Can I delete my data from TruePerson AI?
Do data privacy and security practices vary by usage in TruePerson AI?
Is there an age restriction to use TruePerson AI?
Can I use TruePerson AI for homework help?

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