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Nutriplan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable meal plans
Fitness tracking integration
Health metrics monitoring
Detailed food database
Dietary restriction options
Goal-specific meal plans
Nutrient analytics
Food preferences consideration
Portion control recommendations
Dynamic meal plan adjustments
In-depth recipe details
Shopping list generation
Macro and micro nutrient tracking
Meal prep guides
Integrates with health wearables
Food substitution suggestions
Recipe variety
Interactive meal planning
User-friendly interface
Meal plan sharing
Weekly meal plan overviews
Personalised food recommendations
Smart notifications
Cooking time estimation
Detailed caloric intake tracking
Multiple user profiles
Meal leftovers management
Seasonal recipe recommendations
Direct grocery ordering option
Saves meal history
Drinks and hydration tracking
Built-in food diary
Continuous plan optimization
Meal plan printing
Allergy/Intolerance notifications
Vegan and vegetarian options
Nutritional education resources
Generates nutritional labels
Adjusted for different cuisines
Meal rating system
Fridge contents consideration
Community sharing of plans
Supports rare diets
Pregnancy nutrition planning
Detailed micro-nutrient tracking
Gluten-free meal options
Includes cultural cuisine options
Ethical food source considerations


Limited dietary options
No food allergy considerations
Lacks nutritional ratios
No user experience customization
Overly simplistic meal plans
No multilingual support
Inadequate customer support
No offline functionality
Lack of drill down features
Limited plan diversity


What is Nutriplan?
What key features does Nutriplan offer?
How does Nutriplan help with meal planning?
Can Nutriplan create personalized meal plans based on fitness goals?
Is it possible to use Nutriplan for specific dietary needs?
What kind of food categories does Nutriplan cover in its meal plans?
Does Nutriplan include fitness plans as well as meal plans?
How can Nutriplan aid with maintaining health?
Does Nutriplan accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions?
Can Nutriplan calculate required calorie intake?
Are Nutriplan meal plans suitable for vegans or vegetarians?
What type of workout or fitness plans does Nutriplan provide?
Can Nutriplan help me to lose weight?
Does Nutriplan offer family or group meal plans?
Is Nutriplan user-friendly for beginners?
How does Nutriplan differ from other AI meal planning tools on the market?
Can I track my meal plan progress with Nutriplan?
Is Nutriplan equipped with a recipe generator feature?
Can Nutriplan help with grocery shopping lists based on my meal plans?
Is there an inbuilt reminder or scheduling feature in Nutriplan for meal times or workouts?


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