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Generated SVG icons for web and mobile development.
Generated by ChatGPT

Octoicons is an AI-powered tool designed to generate scalable vector graphics (SVG) icons for web development and other creative projects. It offers a unique and hassle-free solution to designers, developers and anyone in need of icons by utilizing AI-powered generators to create stunning graphics based on the prompts given by the user.

These unique SVGs can be used and adapted without losing quality on any device or platform, making it a viable option for both web and mobile applications.

Octoicons has an easy-to-use interface, allowing the user to enter a prompt and quickly generate a custom icon that can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Additionally, Octoicons integrates into design software such as Figma, making it a seamless addition to any existing design workflow. Octoicons allows users to try their service for free with two credits, with the option to purchase additional credits for a small fee.

Octoicons also prioritizes user privacy and data protection, with terms and policies clearly provided to ensure trust and confidence in their service.

Overall, Octoicons is a valuable tool for designers, developers, and anyone in need of creating unique and high-quality SVG icons through the use of AI technology.

Octoicons was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates scalable SVG icons
Allows custom icon creation
Works on any device
Maintains quality in adaptations
Easy-to-use interface
Quick generation of icons
Various download formats
Integration with Figma
Free trial available
Affordable additional credits
Prioritizes data protection
Clear terms and policies
Suitable for web development
Suitable for mobile applications
Seamlessly fits with workflows
Great for designers
Valuable for developers
Creates unique graphics
Requires user prompts only
Fulfills creative needs


Limited free trial
Additional costs for credits
No bulk download option
Limited software integrations
No preset icon categories
Different quality between icons
No multi-language support
Requires sign-in for use


What exactly is Octoicons?
How does Octoicons work?
How can I use Octoicons to generate SVG icons?
Can Octoicons create icons for both web and mobile development?
How user-friendly is Octoicons’ interface?
Does Octoicons support integration with other design software?
How does the Figma extension work with Octoicons?
Does Octoicons allow for any free trials?
What are the purchase options for additional credits?
What is the cost for additional credits in Octoicons?
How is user’s data protected in Octoicons?
Where can I find Octoicons’ terms and policies?
Does the quality of SVGs generated by Octoicons differ based on the device or platform?
How customizable are the SVG icons generated by Octoicons?
What makes Octoicons a viable option for designers and developers?
How do prompts influence the SVG icons generated by Octoicons?
Can I use Octoicons if I don't have any design background?
How quickly can I generate an icon using Octoicons?
What file formats are available for download once an icon is generated by Octoicons?
Can I use Octoicons' icons in my existing design workflow?


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