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Dive into the future of sound with OnePlus AI Music Studio.
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OnePlus AI Music Studio is a next-generation Artificial Intelligence-driven music application. It's designed to provide an innovative music experience, allowing users to compose, create, and craft their unique tunes with just a simple prompt.

This reshapes music-making by incorporating AI technology to mold a new path to music discovery.With easy sign-in features, the tool offers multiple genres and moods for users to explore and draw inspiration from.

It accommodates a vast range of user-created tracks which showcases the versatility of the platform. A 'Trending' and 'Recently Added' section is present, highlighting popular and new entries respectively, adding another layer of discoverability for the users.The studio enables aspiring composers, artists, and music enthusiasts to embark upon their individual musical journey.

By using the platform, they can create unique song compositions based on their preferred mood or genre. This brings in an element of customization and personalization to music creation, enhancing user engagement.

Moreover, each composition created within the OnePlus AI Music Studio can garnish social interaction in the form of 'likes', fostering a sense of community among users.

This enhances the reach of the composers and their creations, bringing their music to a broader audience.In essence, OnePlus AI Music Studio aims to redefine the future of music-making by democratizing music creation through AI technology, rendering it more accessible and innovative for everyone.


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OnePlus AI Music Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Innovative music experience
Customizable compositions
Offers multiple genres
Easy sign-in
Music discovery
Vast range of tracks
Trending and Recently Added section
Supports music enthusiasts
Personalization in music creation
Boosts user engagement
Enables social interactions
Community-building through likes
Broadens music reach
User-created tracks
Versatile platform
Democratizes music creation
Inspiration drawing feature
Individual musical journey
Preferred mood-based compositions
Enhances composers' reach
Music accessible for everyone
Unique song compositions
Boosts aspiring composers
OnePlus branding
Tech immersion


No offline mode
Limited genre selection
Missing advanced editing features
Over-reliance on prompts
No collaboration feature
No tutorial for beginners
Possible genre-bias in trends
No user profile customization
No explicit copyright policy
No multi-platform support


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