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Assisted code generation and refactoring for devs.
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Refraction is an AI-powered code generation tool for developers that refactors code, generates documentation, creates unit tests, and more. The tool allows developers to simply copy and paste a block of code and select their language or framework to generate code, and the AI algorithm automatically generates the corresponding code using natural language processing and machine learning.

The tool supports up to 56 programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, and JavaScript among others. Refraction is designed to automate the tedious and repetitive aspects of software development, enabling developers to focus on the more creative and problem-solving aspects of their work.

The tool is trusted by innovative companies such as Amazon, Google, and Uber, among others. Developers can use Refraction's AI algorithm to generate code, and the tool can also assist in generating unit tests and documenting code with ease.

The tool is easy to use, and its Sublime Text extension enhances the user experience. In summary, Refraction is a valuable tool for developers who want to streamline their coding process, reduce errors, and boost productivity.

Its AI-assisted functionalities can generate code and automate various aspects of coding with ease, making it one of the most innovative coding tools available today.

Refraction was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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User Profile PictureJorge Franco
ยท Oct 4, 2023
Refraction is my everyday buddy, from enhancing my code, providing unit tests, and doing legacy code refactoring.
User Profile PictureBernardo Sarmento
ยท Oct 4, 2023
I find Refraction on the web really handy for code debugging and refactoring. It's straightforward to use and covers everything I need, making it a reliable tool. Our team's also using Refraction on GitHub, and it's been helpful in adding descriptions to PRs and spotting issues. It's just a solid addition to our workflow.

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Pros and Cons


Generates and refactors code
Creates unit tests
Generates documentation
Supports 56 programming languages
Trusted by big companies
Sublime Text extension
Automates tedious coding tasks
Boosts productivity
Easy copy-paste operation
Natural language processing
Machine learning implementation
Automated unit test generation
Automated documentation creation
Streamlines coding process
Reduces coding errors
Enhances creativity
Less focus on problem-solving
Proven tool
Reduction of repetitive work
Effective code generation
Easy code refactoring
Simplifies documentation
Generates code in Java
Generates code in Python
Generates code in C#
Generates code in JavaScript
Free trials available
Saves developer's time
Increases efficiency
Highly innovative
Improves code quality
Reduces technical debt
Low code tool
Strong user reviews
High rate of code generation
Millions lines of code generated


Limited to 56 languages
Subscription model
Requires internet connection
Limited number of free uses
Sublime Text extension specific
No peer review feature
Non-customizable code generation
No offline version
Limited amount of code generation


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Can I use Refraction to refactor my code?
What companies trust and use Refraction?
How can Refraction streamline my coding process?
What is the Sublime Text extension for Refraction?
How easy is it to use Refraction?
Can Refraction be used to generate code directly?
How does Refraction increase productivity in coding?
What are the unique selling points of Refraction over other coding tools?
Is Refraction beneficial for both experienced and newbie developers?
What kind of code can be created using Refraction's AI algorithm?
How do I generate code using Refraction?
What makes Refraction one of the most innovative coding tools available?
Are there any limitations or constraints when using Refraction?
Where can I view the latest updates or changes made to Refraction?

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