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Python assistant for web data analytics with stats & ML.
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WiseData is an AI Assistant for Python Data Analytics designed to make data analysis easier and faster. The tool allows users to gain insights about their data through various data analysis techniques, and helps to identify patterns and trends.

WiseData is a web-based tool and requires no installation or software downloads. WiseData emphasizes on protecting user data privacy by not sending any data that users are analyzing to WiseDataServer.

Any actions that users interact with WiseData server only uses the metadata of the data such as column names. The transmitted prompts and suggestions are further protected by encrypting the data in transit using TLS and at rest using AES-256.

WiseData caters to a wide range of users that work with data, including data scientists, analysts and engineers. It offers a free-to-use version and has a user-friendly interface making it accessible for novice users who are new to data analysis.

The tool allows users to import data from CSV and Excel files, and supports popular Python data analysis libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, SciPy and Scikit-Learn.

It offers data summarization, visualization, cleaning, and wrangling, as well as statistical analysis and machine learning. WiseData provides an extensive library of data visualization options that are customizable to meet specific user needs.

WiseData also provides detailed documentation on how to use the tool, and supports community-driven learning through its user community.


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Jul 4, 2023
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Pros and Cons


No installation needed
User data privacy prioritized
Metadata-only interaction
Encryption in transit (TLS)
Encryption at rest (AES-256)
Novice-friendly interface
CSV data import support
Excel data import support
Supports Pandas
Supports Numpy
Supports SciPy
Supports Scikit-Learn
Data summarization feature
Data cleaning feature
Customizable data visualization
Data wrangling feature
Statistical analysis capabilities
Machine learning feature
Detailed documentation
Community-driven learning
Free-to-use version


Web-based only
No software installation
Limited data import formats
No real-time collaboration
Possibly slow during heavy analysis
Relies on server responses
Limited to Python
Metadata shared with WiseData


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What actions can users perform with WiseData?
What kind of data visualization options does WiseData provide?
Does WiseData offer any support or documentation for users?
What is the method of data encryption used by WiseData?
Is WiseData a web-based tool?
Does WiseData require any software download or installation?
How interactive is WiseData?
What kind of data does WiseData send to its server?
What is metadata and how is it used in WiseData?
Is there a community for WiseData users?
How does WiseData contribute to my data privacy?
What specific user needs does WiseData cater to?
Is WiseData formerly known as DataWise?

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