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Chat with any YouTube video for timestamped links.
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YoutubeSummary is a GPT designed to provide an interactive experience for users wanting a comprehensive understanding of any YouTube video. This tool stands out with its ability to provide timestamped links from the video as citations when requested by users, giving a level of interactivity and control to the content they wish to refer back to.The GPTs primary function involves summarizing the content of any given YouTube video based on user requests.

This includes not only providing a concise summary of the video's content but also creating chapters and specifying the main takeaways from the video.

The tool achieves this by processing the content through an AI model and generating an accessible summary, chapters, or takeaways based on the user's needs.

To use YoutubeSummary, one needs to have access to the ChatGPT Plus. The utility initiates with a welcoming message and uses prompt starters for commands, such as 'Summarize this video for me', 'Create Chapters for this', and 'What are the main takeaways of this'.

In these commands, users simply replace 'this' with the URL of the YouTube video they want to interact with.Designed by Jiaxin Liu, YoutubeSummary revolutionizes the way YouTube content is consumed and studied by users.

This functionality makes it easier for researchers, students, educators, or any viewers who rely on organized, timestamped insights from videos for their intellectual pursuits.


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